North Carolina Bridge Collapses Live on Air, News Crew Barely Escapes

Perform Movie Material

NBC Local 33/FOX 44

A Writer and photographer are Outside Blessed to be Living Following raging floodwater washed off a bridge Directly from Beneath their feet… and it Took Place while they were live on TV.

The terrifying episode went down Thursday at Alexander County, N.C. about the Hiddenite Bridge in which FOX 46 reporter Amber Roberts was at the center of her history every time a massive chunk of this bridge broke and dropped to the water.

Check out the movie… Amber cries in terror because she immediately understands the danger only a couple feet away from her or her team. The fall left around a 10-foot wide gap at the bridge, and also you’ll be able to see a guy on the opposite side fleeing to security.

Amber did not waste any time sending it back into the studio after narrowly preventing tragedy. The Carolinas are becoming hospitalized with heavy rainfall… sparking flash flood warnings over many counties. Over a dozen cyclists have been immobilized from the rising water.

Rescue teams are still attempting to achieve them hopefullythey make it out like Amber and her team.

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