Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique Explained – Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara is one of the stars of Jujutsu Kaisen manga series created by Gege Akutami. Along with Itadori and Megumi, she is the protagonist trio of the story. Unlike some popular series where female characters are underdeveloped, the mangaka has done a fantastic job in establishing her character. She is a strong individual and possesses extraordinary jujutsu techniques.

Like many other sorcerers in the series, Nobara is also equipped with a unique cursed skill. This cursed skill is Straw Doll: Cursed Technique. Let’s dive in and explore this amazing power of Noabara and take a glance at how she uses it.

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What is Straw Doll: Cursed Technique? Its Uses and Impact

Straw Doll: Cursed Technique provides an accumulation of various tools that the user uses to attack the opponent. The tools include nails, a hammer, and a straw doll. Nobara can directly control the nails with her cursed energy and direct them at the opposition.

To give direction and force to the nails, the hammer is used. The combination of hammer and nails provides a dreadful impact on the body of the opponent. Nails themselves possess the cursed energy, so if it’s pierced through someone, the damage gets multiplied.

Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique Explained - Jujutsu Kaisen
Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique

Within Straw Doll: Cursed Technique, Nobara utilizes two extension techniques to deal damage to the enemy creatively. Two of those methods are Hairpin and Resonance.

What is a Nobara’s Hairpin?

To use a Hairpin, Nobara has to pierce the person with nails first. As mentioned earlier, these nails are rich with cursed energy. So when they’re deep into the body they can cause a deadly explosion. This adds more harm to her opponent.

What is Resonance?

The resonance technique uses the combination of hammer, nail, and straw doll. Straw Doll plays a vital part in this. To use this technique, first Nobara has to establish a connection between her target and the straw doll. Once the connection gets established she can directly pierce the straw doll.

Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique Explained - Jujutsu Kaisen
Nobara’s Straw Doll Cursed Technique

The damage taken by the straw doll gets transferred to her target. In this way, she can hurt the opposition without even physically touching them.

What are Straw Doll: Cursed Technique’s Applications?

Nobara uses this technique as her best artillery when it comes to dealing with opponents. She uses both Hairpin and Resonance in any way she sees fit. First, she tries to pierce the nail to the body of her target and then cause an explosion because of cursed energy.

Straw Doll: Cursed Technique’s
Straw Doll: Cursed Technique’s

Since this is a ranged technique, it gives her an advantage in participating in fights over a long distance. Even in close combat, she uses the technique very effectively.

In an encounter with Nishimiya, Nobara faced difficulty using her technique because of the moving target. However, she found the solution by using a hammer and nails to change the conditions of her surrounding. Straw Doll can be creatively used in many ways. We will surely see more in the future as Jujutsu Kaisen manga proceeds to the next arc.

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