No Time to Die Ending Explained – Bond’s Legacy

No Time to Die Ending Explained
No Time to Die Ending Explained

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die is an American spy movie released in 2021. It is a part of the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions and 25th in number. The movie stars Daniel Craig in the lead role while the supporting cast, Rami Malek, Ley Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, and Ben Whishaw take the mantle.

No Time to Die is distributed by Universal Pictures while Linus Sandgren is its cinematography executive. As for the music score, it is produced by Hans Zimmer. No Time to Die became another extraordinary addition to the James Bond series with lead characters shining in their roles. Let’s talk about the No Time to Die ending explained and break down its last moments.

The Unholy Ending Explained

No Time to Die Plot

No Time to Die follows up the events of Spectre that released back in 2015 and continue from where it left off. In the evening in the new city, Bond and Swann spend a good time. She tells him about a ritual where people bury their secrets and asks about Bond’s past.

Since Bond had a difficult relationship, he doesn’t find the courage to accept Madeline’s feelings. She understands Bond’s perspective and instead asks him to visit the grave of Vesper Lynd and forgive her.

After visiting the grave, Bond spots a bomb and it explodes. He then immediately heads to the hotel to protect Madeline. However, Primo reveals that Madeline is the daughter of the Spectre. This time too he feels like he got betrayed by a woman. He leaves her and tells her that she will never see him again.

After five years of his retirement, Bond gets contacted by a CIA agent who informs him that Valdo Obruchev has made a biochemical weapon capable of causing mass destruction. It is now up to Bond to capture and seize the weapon from Obruchev.


Hercules was one of the deadliest weapons to see the least. Its bioweapon mass destruction capability was off the roofs. M16 of course funded the project to reduce the casualties of their secret agents. They wanted to wipe out the enemies with the least resources.

Hercules was a nanobot that infiltrates the body of a target. It is assigned with the DNA of the target and once it finds it, it enters the body. After infiltration, it injects the poison inside the system, causing immediate death to the target.

Safin’s Plan

Spectre got the sniff of this project and they wanted to steam it from them. After seizing it, they wanted to present it to Blofeld who was in the prison at that time. The event starts and Bond infiltrates it. Obruchev changes the DNA in the bots to that of Spectre’s DNA and all of its members die.

Obruchev then reveals that Safin wanted to take revenge on Spectre. He also forced Medaline to go into the prison of Blofeld and kill him. Upon research, Q found that in the database of Obruchev, there were millions of DNA samples and he realized the scheme that Safin was plotting.

No Time to Die Ending Explained

No Time to Die Ending Explained – Bond’s Legacy

Safin took both Medaline and her daughter Matilde to an island where he was developing the Hercules. Bond followed him and contacted Q, thus informing the same him. Safin revealed that Matilde was the daughter of Bond and Medaline.

Initially, he took her with him, however, later on, he released her, citing that he wanted no bloodshed. He also injected nanobots within Bond. If he were to go anywhere near Matilde or Medaline, they would die. The missiles launch at the island and the facility get destroyed. Bond dies by leaving his huge legacy behind.

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