No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?
No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?

Directed by Santiago Menghini, No One Gets Out Alive is a horror-thriller movie distributed by Netflix. It stars Cristina Rodlo in the lead role as Amber while Marc Menchaca, David Barrera, and David Figlioli act as support cast.

No One Gets Out Alive focuses on Amber, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who travels to America to fulfill her American Dream. However, she stumbles across an unimaginable entity that completely engulfs her into something supernatural.

The movie depicts Amber’s struggle for survival in the country and fights with the supernatural spirit ready to kill her. Let’s talk about the No One Gets Out Alive ending explained and discuss how Amber came out of her disregarded fortune.

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?

No One Gets Out Alive Plot

In the opening sequence, professor Arthur Welles finds an artifact while excavating a site in 1963. We then move back to the present day and focus on Amber who is an immigrant. With no place to stay for two weeks, she finally finds residence in Schofield Heights.

Thomas “Red” Welles, the owner of the establishment hands over the keys to Amber for her room and ask for an advance of one month. Since Amber has no other choice, she needs to pay upfront. At the factory, Amber asks her co-worker about creating a forged ID. Kinsi tells her about a person who does this job for 3000 dollars.

Amber contacts Beto, her uncle for a job and convinces him that she is an American citizen. He agrees to an interview by Friday and now Amber has to arrange a forged ID by that date. Amidst these events, something daunting starts occurring in Schofield Heights.

Start of Problems

Kinsi takes the savings from Amber and assures her to loan them money. However, the next day when she visits the factory, Kinsi is gone. Upon contacting her manager, he reveals that Kinsi has left the place. He also doesn’t give her address to reach Kinsi. They get into an argument and Amber ends up getting fired.

She asks for Red to return her deposit and he accepts her request. Over dinner, he told her that he didn’t have that much money on him. So he invites her to Schofield Heights and collects the money there. When she visits the establishment, she sees some horrifying scenes.

History of Schofield Heights

Red reveals that he and his brother got the house from their father Arthur. Arthur brought a box that he found during excavation to the house and got possessed by its spirit. Both brothers left Schofield High to get rid of the spirit, however, they ran out of money and decided to stay at the house.

Becker also got possessed by the same spirit. However, they found a method to get rid of it. Apparently, in ancient times, people used to sacrifice people to the spirits to feed them. That’s why Red gathered multiple immigrants whose identities cant be traced and made them sacrifice for the spirit.

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained – Did Amber Get Out?

Amber, Maria, and Petra were the three women Red and his brother had chosen for the sacrifice. Before they begin the ritual, Beto arrives at the house and tries to save Amber. However, he gets killed by the duo of brothers.

The ritual starts and the evil spirit starts infiltrating Amber’s memories. She once again visits the memory of her deceased mother. Amber understands that the spirit feeds on woeful memories of an individual and decides to kill her mother in her memory.

With that, the spirit has nothing anguishedly to feed on and hence decides to back off. Amber goes to the basement and takes out a sword. She then confronts Becker and slits her throat with the sword. In the last moments of the movie, she releases the spirit onto Red who later heals her leg as thanks for sacrifice.

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