NJ Mother Goes Boyfriend of 5 Months Into Home; Rapes 1 Yr Old To Death!

NJ Mom Moves Boyfriend of 5 Months Into Home; Rapes 1 Yr Old To Death!

A New Jersey man was detained with his girlfriend’s 1 year-old kid to death, MTO News has heard. And authorities will also be charging the boy’s mom with his murdering.

Authorities detained James Davis, 49, also Qunasia Coleman, 29, in relation to the November 7 fatality in a residential house in Patterson, NJ.

James was charged with first-degree juvenile murder, aggravated sexual assault, also second-degree undermining the welfare of a young child. He faces life in jail if convicted.


Qunasia was charged with second-degree undermining the welfare of a young child. She faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Authorities have been called into Qunasia’s house – in which James also lived – due to the unresponsive child on November 7. The infant was pronounced dead in:07 p.m.

According to internet reports, Qunasia had just dated James for approximately five weeks, and had him alive with her three children. 

On the afternoon of the alleged murder, every one of those children were using the guy while their mom was gone. According to a single person claiming for a buddy, James advised the other two children to leave the area, and that’s if he sexually assaulted the 1-year-old boy. 

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The 8-year-old daughter told cops that her mom abandoned them home with this boyfriend and cops say the mommy originally lied saying she left the children home . 

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