Nintendo might launch its new OLED Switch in September this year

According to the latest news, Nintendo could release its heavily rumoured new version of the Switch in coming September or October. Bloomberg reported that the company is planning to start manufacturing in July. As per Bloomberg, the system could be announced before the E3 virtual trade show which is scheduled on 12th June.

Bloomberg pointed out that an announcement ahead of E3 would allow third-party publishers to show their games running on the new hardware and this could give Nintendo a lift. According to Nintendo, the new Switch will use more powerful silicon from Nvidia that works with DLSS technology. This will allow 4K output to a TV.

Nintendo might launch its new OLED Switch in September this year
Nintendo might launch its new OLED Switch in September this year

As per reports, it will come with a 7 inches OLED display panel which is sourced from Samsung. As per the report published by Bloomberg, it seems Nintendo’s suppliers are “confident” in their ability to fulfil the orders despite a global shortage of chips and other intermediate materials.

The report mentions, “Production lines are better prepared for the potential component shake-up, and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals’ more powerful consoles. The company’s ability to meet consumer demand won’t be guaranteed.”

It is worth mention that the current model of the Nintendo Switch is difficult to find in many regions due to supply chain challenges. Moreover, the demand increased exponentially in the pandemic. It would be interesting to see what Nintendo does with the new Switch in this sense to meet the ever-increasing demand and that too in a time of global chip shortage.

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