Nikki Bella’s Mother Presents Her a slew of Condoms on Full Bellas

Nikki Bella's Mom Gifts Her a Ton of Condoms on Total Bellas

What greater gift can there be to deliver to a fancy supper compared to a bag of condoms?

That is precisely what Nikki Bella‘s mother, Kathy Colace, surprised her using inside this bonus Complete Bellas clip. The retired WWE celebrity opens the gift facing the twin sister Brie Bella along with buddies, most of whom locate that the apparently arbitrary talent funny. 

As for Kathy’s excuse, she just said that there was”something” within her telling her how to make the order on behalf of her son. Ironically, however, she”did not understand what dimensions” to purchase.

Kathy also did not understand that Nikki’s allergic to latexa discovery Nikki says she created when employing lash adhesive, not condoms. In terms of the latter, Nikki shows that she”does not recall the last time” one. 

“So that you simply take the opportunity?” A smiling Brie inquires, probably referencing Nikki and Artem Chigvintsev‘s relationship.

But before Nikki could reply, a buddy adds,”How about a night stands?”

“Oh, so I mean that I certainly use a condom,” she reacts.

Kathy is subsequently confused the way the conversation turned into a night standsprompting Nikki to shout,”Mother, you attracted condoms!”

View the whole Complete Bellas bonus clip over.

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