Nike Adapt BB Colorway inspired by Nike mag design & color scheme

Nike Adapt BB Colorway

The upcoming Adapt BB from Nike has its roots from Nike Mag. Nike, since the very beginning, has made attempts to bring futuristic footwear into the present day. Nike has always been into the pop culture of Hollywood. For instance, a few years ago, Nike brought Marty McFly’s shoes from Back to the Future to life. Nike Air Mag, also regarded as the Back to the Future shoes created quite a stir across the footwear industry.

Now, it seems Nike is advancing to bring new shoes to life which shares a resemblance to the Air Mag. The Adapt BB is the successor of Nike Air Mag. Nike Adapt BB will serve as a continuity of the self-lacing revolutionary shoes which McFly wore in the Future. The Adapt BB will also sport the self-lacing technology which Nike brought to life with the Air Mag.

According to the details, the Adapt BB will also come in a light grey scheme, same as the Air Mag. The Adapt BB comprises of a new silhouette which has much of a lighter scheme as contrasted with its predecessor. The Nike Adapt BB has a few light-up orbs around the heel, which counters the glowing of the shoes in a more beautiful way.

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Nike Adapt BB

Since a long time, the MAGs were only fictional, and it is only recently that the MAG has finally started coming to life. Things are going to change when Adapt BB becomes mainstream. The crucial players of the industry say that Adapt BB is going to revolutionize the way people see sneakers.

According to the sources, the Nike Adapt BB will go on sale from the 29th of May. The shoes will be sold for $350. Nike might be trying to pay homage to the Back to the Future franchise with its new product.

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