Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?

Nightbooks is a dark fantasy horror movie directed by David Yarovesky and distributed by Netflix. It stars Winslow Fegley as the main character names Alex, while Lidya Jewett and Krysten Ritter take the mantle of supporting cast.

Nighbooks tells the story of Alex, a young boy labeled as a Creepshow for his love for scary stories. It is a tale of his abduction and the time he spends with a witch. The movie has met with decent reception and it revisits the famous tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Nighbooks featured a couple of twists at the end. Alex and Yazmin did manage to escape the witch but they’re not safe as seen from the last scene. Let’s break down Nightbooks ending explained and discuss its last moments.

Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?
Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?

Nightbooks Plot

Alex is a socially isolated kid and none of his classmates like him. On his birthday, none of them show up which leaves Alex disgruntled. His emotions lead him to burn all of his books. He goes down the floor and stumbles upon a mysterious room.

He gets lured into TV and gets sucked into an apartment. There, he meets Natacha, a witch who captures him. She wants Alex to tell her scary story each night. If he doesn’t manage to do it, she will kill him. Now, what will Alex do to survive and possibly escape?

Meeting Yazmin and Escape Plan

Inside the apartment, Alex meets another girl trapped by Natacha called Yazmin. Together they think of ideas to escape from the apartment. Alex also learns from Yazmin that Natacha doesn’t kill kids but transforms them into dolls.

Alex notices that the dolls have most of their clothing on. However, the unicorn girl has her pendant missing, which means that she managed to escape. He decides to find the plan used by the unicorn girl to escape along with Yazmin.

He arrives after using a sleeping potion on Natacha and then attempting the escape. One night, he slips in the potion but it mixes up with another liquid. Thankfully, Natacha’s spy Lenore helps them and puts Natacha to sleep.

Real Identity of Unicorn Girl

Alex and Yazmin escaped through the visible exit and found themselves in the forest. They get chased by a unicorn creature and stumble across a lair of the witch. Yazmin and Lenore get lured into a house and fall unconscious.

Upon waking up, Alex notices a sleeping pod and two of his friends caught in prison. Natacha arrives and says that the witch sleeping in the sleeping pod is the original witch. She was one of the kids trapped by the witch and also a unicorn girl who escaped.

Natacha had manages to befriend the witch and took advantage of her to escape. However, she didn’t find anyone she knew in the outside world, hence she returned here. To keep the witch in a sleepy state, she needed to tell her scary stories. That’s why she abducted kids with storytelling abilities.

Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?
Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?

Nightbooks Ending Explained – Did Alex and Yazmin Escape?

Since Alex had no story to tell on that night, Natacha suggesting telling the witch story of his own life. While telling the story, Alex intentionally concluded it with a happy ending which woke the witch. The witch killed Natacha and took her revenge.

She then chased down the kids. Yazmin opened the sealed door to find herself and Alex in the apartment. However, the witch still hunted them down. Alex started telling a scary story to lure in the witch. They tricked her and threw her into the boiler.

The witch burned into flames as Alex and Yazmin finally got their happy ending. What did you think of Nightbooks? Let us know your thoughts below. For more movie updates, make sure to follow us on social media.

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