Nick Fury won’t be a part of Black Widow Solo Movie

nick furry and black widow

Nick Fury & Black Widow

The prequel to almost all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies other than Captain Marvel & Captain America, Black Widow will release in the year 2020. The film’s about The super secret spy who can extract the information from the bad guys even when she’s captive. By the looks of it, the film is going to revolve around the past of Black Widow. For instance, her stance in the MCU before she became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

New sources are suggesting that the new Black Widow movie would not feature the man whose secrets have secrets, Fury. There is a highly likely chance that Nick Fury might not even be the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nick Fury will not involve in Black Widow

Samuel L. Jackson, who brought together a team of remarkable people to protect Earth, was part of an interview. During the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home Interview, a report asked Sam Jackson, who is his favorite MCU character. Furthermore, Sam Jackson said that he loves the character that Scarlett Johansson plays in the MCU, Black Widow.

On top of that, the report also told if Mr. Jackson was a part of the forthcoming Black Widow movie. However, Mr. Jackson said that he would not make an entrance in the potential Black Widow movie. Jackson also said that he’s not asked to portray the role of Super Spy as of now. Marvel tends to feature the favorite characters in the post and mid-credit scenes.

Marvel’s Black Widow will come next year in Summer

At the time of writing this, the Black Widow movie is still in an early stage of filming. Moreover, the storyline of Black Widow is also not known to the world. Nevertheless, Jeremy Renner might be in the movie as with his Natasha was able to wipe the red ledger.

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