Nick Cave praises John Cooper Clarke:”A brilliant, brilliant guy”

Nick Cave has commended John Cooper Clarke at the most recent entry in his Crimson Hand Documents site, forecasting the operation poet and artist”a dazzling, brilliant guy”.

Responding to some other pair of fan questions on his normal Q&A website, Cave was asked to get his ideas on Clarke.

He replied by integrating another enthusiast query (asking if he enjoyed haiku poetry) along with a petition from a different who requested Cave to inform a joke (“we require a laugh”they included ).

In answer to all 3 questions, Cave mentioned Clarke (“a very funny guy”) and remembered”watching him about back in the afternoon, and I guess we’ve probably both had exactly the identical fondness for harmful items — medication and humor”.

“I recall standing at the crowd at a small club, possibly 40 decades before, and observing John, staggered with his own pace and virtuosity along with mordant humor, also laughing and laughing and laughing,” he further added.

John Cooper Clarke (Picture: Getty)

Cave subsequently referenced Clarke’s poem Haiku( that examines:

“Into con-vey the disposition

“At sev-en-teen syll-able-s

“Is ve-ry dif-fic”

Cave added:”Therefore, if you are in lockdown and feeling low and will need to laugh, then go online, check out John Cooper Clarke and also have your faith in humanity restored.

“A brilliant, brilliant person.”

Before this season, Cave shared his ideas about how to”locate the perfect path” in existence through an entrance in his Red Hand Documents website.

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