Nicholas Perry Before and After: Journey Through His Transformation

nicholas perry before and after

Nicholas Perry (born May 19, 1992), also known as Nikocado Avocado online, is a Ukrainian-born American Internet celebrity best known for his YouTube making videos. He had more than 7 million subscribers and 1.8 billion total views across six YouTube channels as of November 2022. Nikocado Avocado was born in Eastern Europe’s newly independent Ukraine. Nicholas was later adopted by an American family and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has a biological sister, but nothing is known about his birth parents. He has been married to Orlin Home since April 10, 2017, and their wedding was captured on film at a Chic-Fil-A. They spent three years in Colombia before relocating to Florida.

Nicholas Perry’s Before and After

nicholas perry before and after

The vlogger told YouTuber Trisha Paytas that he found out about his adoption when he was young and struggled to understand his biological parents’ decision. As a result, he claims he acted out as a child and received mental health interventions. “I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was about five,” Perry admitted to his fellow mukbanger in a 2019 interview for Paytas’ podcast The Dish With Trish.

“I’d just, like, always want attention,” he explained. “I desired the limelight.” Perry also revealed to Paytas that he had been prescribed antidepressants at seven. He was later diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and OCD as a preteen, he claims (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

In 2020, the 29-year-old gained attention for his months-long feud with fellow YouTubers who accused him of abusive behaviour during a collaboration video, which he later denied to Insider. Perry’s contentious response videos in the aftermath of the accusation alarmed subscribers — and an entire YouTube community.

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His Personal and Musical Career

Nicholas Perry was born in Ukraine on May 19, 1992. He was adopted by an American family as an infant and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Perry majored in theatre in college. Perry worked as a freelance violinist and a Home Depot employee between 2011 and 2012 before moving to New York City in 2013 to pursue his dream of playing in a Broadway orchestra. However, in a city full of talented musicians, he found it difficult to make a living.

Perry met Orlin Home through a vegan Facebook group, according to a 2016 video. Home travelled from Colombia to meet Perry at the Woodstock Fruit Festival after months of online communication. They began dating after travelling together in Central America, and Perry left his musical career in early 2014 to settle down at Home in Colombia.

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His Internet Career Foundations

nicholas perry before and after

Perry was encouraged to start his own YouTube channel by Home, who already had one. His track, Nikocado Avocado, at the time featured vegan and lifestyle vlogs, as well as musical performances. Perry released a video explaining why he no longer wanted to be a vegan YouTuber and his frustrations with the vegan community, which he described as “unbalanced, hostile, and mentally unstable”, on September 1, 2016.

Perry began filming making videos in 2016, becoming one of the first American men to do so, with his first mukbang video reaching 50,000 views in a matter of weeks. His previous mukbang videos showed him eating with his pet parrot perched on his shoulder. In 2018, Perry appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

He is also active on other platforms besides YouTube, including Cameo, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and OnlyFans. He claims to have had manic episodes as a result of his poor diet, and he uses clickbait to encourage people to watch his videos during these times.

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