Nia Jax Weight Loss: Nia Jax’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey!

nia jax weight loss

Australian-born American professional wrestler Savelina Fanene is better known by her ring name, Nia Jax, during her time with WWE. She won the Raw Women’s Championship once, and she won the Women’s Tag Team Championship twice.

Nia Jax Weight Loss

Jax tweeted on April 16: “Me to Charlotte Flair after her wedding: ‘I feel gross & uncomfortable!'” to explain why and how much weight she had shed. I’m trying to shed some pounds.

Charlotte begged me to let her assist me, and I quote: ” That woman is yours.

“Officially began in October; 48 pounds lighter after 6 months.” Motivates me and sends me great exercises.

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Nia Jax Has Left the WWE

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Before making an unexpected return during this year’s Royal Rumble, Lina had not wrestled since leaving the WWE in November 2021.

Might Nia Jax’s sudden weight reduction and determination to get in shape signal her impending permanent comeback to WWE? Her throngs of devoted followers almost definitely hope so.

Over the course of her seven years in WWE, Nia Jax amassed a huge fan base and won multiple titles, including the WWE Raw Women’s Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions.

AEW backstage interviewer Renee Paquette saw a photo of Nia Jax and said, “Babe alert!”

It’s tough to argue against Paquette’s analysis. The majority of Twitter users agreed, with many praising her and others urging her to return to the ring.

The benefits of the weight loss and fitness plan are evident, regardless of whether or not the goal was to return to WWE. The unstoppable force of a highly motivated individual like Lina Fanene.

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