New Youtuber sentenced 15 months and $22000 fine after tricking Homeless man with toothpaste filled Oreo

new youtuber chinease sentenced for toothpaste filled oreo

New YouTuber 15 months sentenced and $22000 fine

Kanghua Ren, a prominent New YouTuber gets prison time for 15 months. Additionally, the federal officers also said that Ren has to give €20,000 which is around $22,300 for its 2017 video.

Ren is going to face jail time is because his 2017 video has made people around the world angry. In the video, Ren gave a homeless man a repackaged Oreos which were filled with toothpaste. The video blog was a part of Ren’s journey across Barcelona.

What made the people agitated about Kanghua Ren aka ReSet?

Ren was 19 years old when he made the video. By the looks of it, Kanghua Ren was born in China, and his alter-ego in YouTube is ReSet. The worst part of the video was Kanghua said he might have taken things a little afar; nevertheless, there is a silver lining to the video. Ren thought that by giving the homeless man Oreos and toothpaste, he made sure the homeless have clean teeth.

Contrarily things went sideways when the 52-year-old homeless man went on a spree of vomiting. The homeless man told a local newspaper that, this is the first in his entire homeless he was disrespected. According to the sources, the name of the homeless man is Gheorghe L.

The fall of ReSet

According to the sources, ReSet’s video has made him 2,200 dollars via advertising. On the other hand, ReSet’s YouTube account has over a million subscribers.

The renowned video blogger has been charged with crimes against moral integrity. The prosecutors said that they demand Ren to go through two years of jail time.

After going through a series of backlashes from the viewers, ReSet went on to revisit Gheorghe. Consequently, during this visit, he enquired Gheorghe whether he liked the Oreo-paste or not. Ren was going to spend the night with Gheorghe, but a local person called the police. So, this is where things went sideways for Ren, and he will spend two years of his life in jail.

The police reports also said that New YouTuber ReSet removed and video and bribed Gheorghe with $380 to keep quiet.

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