New York Police Department asks Google for scrap DUI checkpoints of Waze

The New York Police Department has recently sent the search giant Google a letter based on cease-and-desist. In the letter NYPD asks to ax one of the features of Waze will allow the users for marking the locations of the cops on the navigation app. CBS New York and Streetsblog NYC first saw the letters.

The authorities believe that the feature is going to make it hard for enforcing the law and keeping roads safe. The NYPD has reportedly sent the cease-and-desist two weeks after the navigation app debuted its notifications based on the speed camera. Nevertheless, the letters by cops mostly focused on the ability which allows the users to give heads-up regarding sobriety checkpoints.

Waze doesn’t have a DWI – Driving While Intoxicated alert, more or less. The users can drop the marker of the checkpoint anywhere on the map and later add explicit details to it. With Waze people can tell each other that they are going to have a speed trap or even a roadblock for DUI/DWI. According to the NYPD, the citizens who post DWI location might be a part of criminal organizations. If these people see warnings such as these, then it might impair the DWI laws administration.

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The chief of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Helen Witty recently had a word with The New York Times. Witty said that the sobriety checkpoints are generally publicized in the wake of a roadblock. Nevertheless, they still serve the purpose. The drunk driver who goes through the checkpoints might be already extremely confused to take notice of what was happening anyway as they are already intoxicated.

Google, the parent company of Waze, was also seen sharing a similar sentiment. And on the basis of the statement which the search giant provided the NYT, they are unlikely to consider anything. Google says it is essential to inform the drivers with forthcoming speed traps as it helps them to be more careful than ever.

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