7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

7 New Netflix Shows in May 2022 and the Best Reasons to Watch

Netflix has a slew of high-quality TV shows to choose from in May. With a number of new original series debuting, Stranger Things is the programme that is most eagerly awaited by fans of the network

Fortunately, there is a slew of other shows to keep you entertained till the end of the month. Netflix provides something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for a docuseries, a comedy, or a crime thriller. In May, you have a choice of seven different alternatives for serialised watching.

The Lincoln Lawyer

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

Mickey Haller, a character created by Michael Connelly, is the inspiration for David E. Kelley’s new series. When Michael Connelly wrote the 2005 book Haller, which was adapted into a film in 2011, Matthew McConaughey played the role of Haller.

Another Connelly invention, Detective Hieronymus Bosch, has a half-brother with Mickey. The narrative of Haller is continued in 2008’s book The Brass Verdict, which served as the basis for this series’ creation.

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“The G Word with Adam Conover”

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

Why You Should Watch It: Comedic docuseries “The G Word” is a six-episode series produced by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama via their firm, Higher Ground Productions.

The programme is hosted by investigative comic Adam Conover (“Adam Ruins Everything”), who alone is worth tuning in for, but Michael Lewis, whose 2018 book “The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy” served as inspiration for the show, rounds out the remarkable cast.

“Love, Death + Robots” Volume 3

Somebody Feed Phil

One of the most compelling reasons to watch is that Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) and David Fincher (“Mindhunter,” “Zodiac”) have collaborated on this anthology of short films, which has been inconsistently produced during the course of the show’s two seasons.

While the best episodes in the first two seasons don’t necessarily outweigh the least impressive, those who are curious about the format and intrigued by the unpredictable nature of episodic storytelling are probably still hopeful that everything will fall into place for the show’s third and final season.

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Somebody Feed Phil – Season 5

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch
Somebody Feed Phil

Why You Should Watch It: Since October 2020, fans have been anxiously expecting fresh episodes of this programme. There are new episodes of Phil Rosenthal trekking across the world in search of cuisine that you’ve never heard of.

They don’t say much about the list of places Phil will visit in the next season, because that would spoil the surprise. Aside from Bangkok and Tel Aviv in the past season(s), he has also visited Copenhagen and Marrakesh in the past season(s).

“Stranger Things” Season 4, Volume 1

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

Why You Should Watch It: Strange Things” is now TV’s greatest blockbuster, but that might change when “House of the Dragon” and Amazon Prime’s “Lord & Hobbit: The Fellowship of the Ring” launch later this summer.

The Duffer Brothers aren’t going down without a fight, not even in the face of these massive franchises in the works. Four or five episodes of Season 4 will premiere on May 27 and the remaining episodes will air on July 1 in two separate volumes.

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Seasons 1-3 of “Happy Endings”

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

Before the end of the month, Netflix will no longer be able to stream “Happy Endings.” When it’s still accessible on Hulu and HBO Max, it’s not going to get the axe.

The departure of David Caspe’s short-lived but well-executed hangout comedy is a fantastic reminder to stick with Netflix as your main streaming provider (or to cut down on other subscriptions as fees grow).

make sure you are getting the most out of the services you maintain, and a) re-examine your budget.

B) Start rotating memberships rather than becoming devoted to any one provider month after month after a year and C) Invest intangible media.

Seasons 1-6 of “Downton Abbey”

7 New Netflix Shows In May 2022 And Best Reasons To Watch

Why You Should Watch It: Downton Abbey seasons are accessible on Amazon Prime Video and Peacock Premium, but the original TV run will be leaving Netflix less than two weeks after its second film premieres.

It’s acceptable to watch the seasons in preparation for the new picture, but if you see the new film and feel the sudden impulse to reminisce about the rich history of the Crawley family, be aware that the time is ticking.