Netflix’s Security 2021 ending explained – Who Was the Culprit?

Netflix's Security 2021 ending explained
Netflix's Security 2021 ending explained

Directed by Peter Chelsom, Security is one of the latest thrillers added to the collection of Netflix. It centers on Roberto, an insomniac who runs a surveillance company. His life has been in pretty much shambles because of the unhealthy situation at home. He’s taken a contract of a string of villas in the vicinity and keeps watch over them.

One night he spots a girl named Maria snooping around in one of the villas. The owner pursues Roberto to look into the matter. On further investigation, he finds out the girl faced sexual assault. More research reveals that Maria is the daughter of Walter who used to work at Roberto’s company as a technician.

However, because of a certain incident, he was fired. Since Walter had a reputation of being drunk and abusive, they suspect him of sexual assault, hence handing him to the police. However, we later find some gruesome reveals which even plunges back to Roberto’s past. Let’s find out what happened in its final moment and discuss the Netflix’s Security 2021 ending explained.

Netflix’s Security 2021 ending explained – Who Was the Culprit?

Why Was Walter Arrested?

There was a bit of history between Roberto and Walter. At one point he worked as a technician in Roberto’s company. But for some reasons which we find later, Roberto fired him. This is what drove him to become an alcoholic. Seeing the state of Maria, it was a common notion that the culprit must be her father, Walter. So when they reported the incident about Maria, the police arrested him.

Did He Assault Maria?

No, he did not. Even though he had a bad history, he never touched her daughter. We later find out this when Maria comes to her senses. Roberto came to find the real culprit and went on his way to perpetuate them.

Who Assaulted Her?

It was the duo of Dario and Curzio who were involved in the assault of Maria. Curzio, the owner of the villa was a huge germophobe. But of course, he has his sexual needs. To quench his thirst for sex, he used to watch Dario having sex with the girls and pleasure himself.

One day Dario brought Maria to the villa but she was unconscious. He just couldn’t have sex with an unconscious person so he refused. With his thirst for sex, Curzio took things into his own hands and sexually assaulted her. However, when he remembered his condition as a germophobe, he instead started beating Maria.

Netflix’s Security 2021 ending explained – How Did Roberto Found the Culprit?

To get rid of the evidence, Curzio had all the footage deleted. Of course, Roberto was unaware of his fact. However, later on, he made Dario spill the beans. But still, Curzio had a respectable position in society. Nobody would believe Roberto’s words. To tie in Curzio with the assault, he created fabricated footage that involved Curzio assaulting Maria. The true face of Curzio gets out as he receives humiliation from the neighborhood.

Netflix’s Security 2021 ending explained – How Did Roberto Found the Culprit?

Why Was Walter Fired?

We learn about the incident that led to the firing of Walter. One of the nights, Walter was pissing under the tree and accidentally, Roberto’s daughter spotted him. At the same time, her mother Claudia arrived and saw Walter with his pants flashed along with her daughter. She thought he was molesting her and reported it to Roberto.

Taking her word, Roberto immediately fired him. This was also the reason that turned him alcoholic. Roberto of course realizes his mistake and decides to separate from his wife.

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