Netflix Unveils the first look of The Witcher Series

The Witcher Series on Netflix

The Witcher Series on Netflix

Netflix is adapting The Witcher game and curating it into a series. Over time, Netflix did come out and gave a glimpse of some of the major characters of Witcher. However, Netflix didn’t give a sneak peek of Geralt of Rivia’s dependable ally, Roach previously. As of now, the internet is going crazy after they saw Henry Cavil as the Geralt of Rivia riding on top of roach.

The new image showcases Geralt, and his most trust-worthy companion, Roach. The streaming giant took it to Twitter and said they’ve finally taken a decision to announce the greatest star of the forthcoming series, Roach.

2015 game, Witcher 3 inspires the Netflix series

According to the sources, the series is going to revolve around the life and adventures of a single demon hunter. In the series, Geralt (Henry Cavil) would fight with numerous monsters to attain a place in the world. However, one of the most mind-boggling premises of the forthcoming series is that humans can also be monstrous.

Even the game series Witcher is a fantasy novel series adaptation by author Andrzej Sapkowski. Geralt will travel around an undisclosed continent with a massive sword to kill numerous beasts. Recently, Henry Cavil said that he would visit the 2019 edition of San Diego Comic-Con to promote Witcher.

Where is the second blade of Geralt in the series?

The fans are extremely excited after they saw Geralt’s big sword in the recent sneak peek. However, the core Witcher gamers know that there is another sword that Geralt doesn’t have in the picture.

In the novel as well as the game, Geralt keeps two swords with him at all times. One of the swords is made up of iron, whereas the other one is made out of silver. Geralt usually uses the big and heavy iron sword for defeating all the enemies, whereas he keeps the second sword to kill the monsters. Maybe in the series, Geralt keeps the silver sword on Roach.

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