Netflix is working on N-Plus which might offer behind the scenes content

Netflix is working on N-Plus which might offer behind the scenes content
Netflix is working on N-Plus which might offer behind the scenes content

Acceding to the latest news, Netflix is apparently planning to debut a new service called ‘N-Plus’ which will deliver behind the scenes information and other updates about Netflix shows. Reports suggest Netflix has started sending out surveys to gain user feedback before launching it for everyone.

Protocol reported that Netflix is describing N-Plus as a “future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them.” They also reported that the survey hinted about features like podcasts and user generated playlists.

As of now, Netflix distributes behind the scenes content through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. It seems with the N-Plus service, Netflix is trying to rely less on other platforms and instead build a community around Netflix.

Netflix is working on N-Plus

One of the notable features mentioned in the survey is the option to create custom playlists that would allow users to compile playlists of their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix. Users will be able to share these with their friends.

However, it should be noted that recipients who don’t have a Netflix subscription will only be able to see the trailers. Netflix is also planning to bring this functionality to original soundtracks of Netflix shows. Apart from this, the company is also considering to host user reviews of TV shows which means users will be able to give feedback for shows that are still in pre-production.

A Netflix spokesperson told Protocol that the survey was part of the company’s regular efforts of audience poll on what the company is exploring. How many of these features will be live depends on the company. Note that the company might not launch N-Plus, instead add it as a Netflix feature.

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