Why Netflix Cancels ‘The OA’ Series After Two Seasons?

netflix cancels the OA series

Netflix cancels ‘The OA’ series

Netflix finally kills one of the best original TV Series from its streaming platform. The recent news that came from Netflix states that the streaming giant won’t showcase potential seasons of the OA anymore. Moreover, Netflix cancels one of the trippy dramas on the streaming platform after two seasons.

Cindy Holland, the head of the “Originals” category of Netflix said that the series had a great story. On the other hand, the streaming network is exceptionally proud of what the OA did to manage and accomplish so far. The most prominent actors of the OA were Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The streaming giant is eternally grateful for the audacious vision of the series and its artistry.

The OA is one of the best Netflix Original Series

As of now, the present-day ratings of the first and the second season of the OA are 84 and 83 percent, respectively. Both the critics, as well as the fans, are genuinely in love with the series from the very beginning.

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On the other hand, like every other streaming network, Netflix did not reveal the viewership information of The OA. Given that the series did fail in the long run; however, the concept of the series was great. The experimentation that went through the entire series is not entirely worthless.

The director and ex-produce came up with the new development

Batmanglij and Marling also serve as the executive producer and the creators of the series. The series did also star Marling as the blind woman Prairie Johnson aka The OA. Marling came with the report of cancellation on Instagram.

The reason for the cancellation was the story was more like a daydream for the director and the creator, Marling said. They began to construct something astounding and bring many seasons to give a satisfying ending. However, this did not happen. Marling told that the cancellation was necessary as the story was not going anywhere.

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