Neha Kakkar calls Aditya Narayan’s mother ‘Sasu Maa’, Narayan-Kakkar family jump in joy

Neha Kakkar calls Aditya Narayan's mother 'Sasu Maa', Narayan-Kakkar family jump in joy

The wedding episode of Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar is still trending and spreading like wildfire on social media. As we all know that Udit Narayan came to Indian Idol 11 along with wife Deepa Narayan and said that they want Neha to be their daughter-in-law. Neha’s parents too approved their relationship and the singer’s mother said that they don’t need her permission to fix her marriage.

While Neha looks shocked and clueless about what’s happening on the show, she accidentally calls Aditya Narayan’s mother ‘Sasu Maa’ (mother-in-law) which further adds fuel to the fire.

During the episode, Deepa Narayan tells Neha that her son keeps gushing about her at home and that’s how she got to know a lot about her good qualities. She tells Neha that she is someone who they have been always been looking for in their daughter-in-law.

While Aditya Narayan’s mother continues to shower praise on the singer, Neha has a tongue-in-cheek moment as she calls her Sasu maa while trying to explain her. After hearing this, Aditya along with his parents and Neha’s Parents start jumping in joy on stage which calls for a family photograph. And Neha happily poses with her ‘in-laws’ and ‘husband’.

As Aditya’s family and Neha Kakkar’s family continued teasing Neha about her wedding to Aditya, audience fulfilled their daily dose of entertainment by witnessing all the family drama unfold on Indian Idol 11.¬†

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With all the drama around Neha Kakkar¬†and Aditya Narayan’s wedding and talented contestants, the show has bagged the fourth position in the first week of 2020 with 6949 impressions. The show had failed to make it in the top 10 list last week.

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