NBA YOUNGBOY’S New Song Predicts The DEATH Of King Von!!

Rapper NBA YoungBoy dropped his”Dead Trolls” video/song a couple of months ago and a few lyrics from his song could possibly be associated with King Von along with his latest passing. MTO News is hearing an increasing murmur around hip hop lovers, which NBA Youngboy’s tune appears to forecast that the murder of their rapper.

King Von was gunned down last week at Atlanta. Police say the guy who took him was an affiliate NBA Youngboy, along with the half-brother into rapper Quando Rondo.

At the trail Dead Trolls, NBA YoungBoy cites”staining” (murdering ) some thing in Atlanta. King Von – a Chicago native – had been captured and murdered in Atlanta.

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NBA contrasts the individual that he had been staining to NBA participant”D.Rose” – who’s from Chicago, also played with the Bulls. 

NBA also cries”lifeless rapper” and cites two individuals not making it after a shooting. Throughout King Von’s shooting, the another guy was murdered.

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And there is more. Quando Rondo is showcased at the movie nearly as far as YoungBoy. King Von has been captured and killed after having a verbal altercation with Quando Rondo,

Ultimately, the title of this tune is”Dead Trolls.” Previously, NBA called King Von as a”troll” for how he antagonized him Rondo online.

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