Naruto vs Jigen – Can Jigen Defeat Naruto?

Naruto vs Jigen
Naruto vs Jigen

Boruto episode 204 saw Naruto and Sasuke pitted against the leader of Kara organization Jigen. Even though Jigen was able to subdue both Naruto and Sasuke, he also depleted all of his chakra. Jigen has gone back to his HQ to recover but the fight is far from over. Naruto is sealed right and Sasuke will likely inform everyone in the village about the situation.

The fight between Naruto and Jigen is inevitable. The leader of the Kara Organization is a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Naruto is an accomplished Shinobi and one of the strongest characters of the series. So when these two forces collide, who will emerge victoriously? Let us find out as we discuss Naruto vs Jigen (spoilers ahead).

Can Jigen Defeat Naruto?

Can Jigen Defeat Naruto?

In short, no, Jigen can’t defeat Naruto, atleast this is what we can conclude from the source material. Even though the fight is just beginning in Boruto anime, in the manga it is already done and dusted. Naruto and Sasuke beat Jigen however, in the process the Hokage also lost something.

Even from their latest encounter in anime, it is evident that Jigen lacks in comparison to Naruto. The duo didn’t fight with full strength but even then Jigen exhausted all of his chakra. As a resort, he had to seal Naruto away.

What is Jigen’s Power?

Jigen is a host to one of the Otsutsuki, namely Isshiki. His purpose is to cultivate a divine tree and for that, he needs both Boruto and Kawaki. As far as his powers go, being an Otsutsuki in itself is an amazing feat.

Like other members of the Kara, Jigen is also capable of absorbing Jutsu techniques. We also learned from the latest episode that Jigen can shrink the size of any object. He can even shrink himself to deceive the opponent in agility.

The stakes that he uses that consume chakra are another deadly weapon. As revealed by Sasuke, Jigen first shrinks the rods, pierces them into the opponent’s body, and then they return to their original size. There’s a very slim chance of countering such a technique. But there are also some drawbacks to his arsenal which makes him vulnerable.

What Makes Jigen Weak?

Even though he’s studded with insane scientific attachments, Jigen isn’t invincible. He can’t fully realize the potential of his powers without hurting himself. Just as we witnessed in the last episode, the cracks began to form over his abdomen as he was fighting Naruto and Sasuke. In addition to that, he also depleted his entire amount of chakra in a such short period.

Now comparing him with Naruto who got Kurama by his side, he can’t stand even close as far as the chakra amount goes. There’s also another thing related to his absorbing of jutsus. While he’s eating any of the attacks directed at him, Jigen remains standstill and can’t use any of the attacks. It means that during that period anyone can attack him which makes him vulnerable.

Naruto vs Jigen – Who Wins?

Naruto vs Jigen – Who Wins?

In the anime’s latest episode, Jigen defeated both Naruto and Sasuke. But by no means that was a comprehensive win. Naruto will fight him and defeat him (spoilers from manga). Both Kawaki and Boruto played major roles in defeating Isshiki.

On the other hand, Naruto lost his long-lasting companion Kurama while battling against Jigen. But in the end, it was Naruto’s victory hence proving that Naruto is stronger than Jigen.

Boruto is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Who do you think is stronger between Naruto and Jigen? Can Jigen defeat Naruto? Let us know what you think down in the comments. For more Boruto updates, make sure to follow us on social media.

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