My11circle: Preview, Coupon Code, Points System, Customer Service Number, and App’s Advantages

You can only download the official My11Circle app from our website. There are no fantasy sports apps that let you play for real money on Google Play.

You’d like to play fantasy sports like cricket, but you simply lack the time. So, has the solution you require. Your favourite fantasy sports are brought to life here. On your device, enjoy playing fantasy football, fantasy cricket, and fantasy kabaddi. Play the game with the teams of your choosing.

The top fantasy games are available right at your fingertips thanks to, a subsidiary of Games24x7. It pledges to provide the same gaming experience as RummyCircle, the biggest rummy platform in India with more than 10 million users. Join our site, choose a game, and earn money every day. Don’t wait any longer. Come play the fantasy games with us right away.

Fantasy football, cricket, or any other game, in general, improves your talent and gives you the chance to win real money prizes. We provide a secure and safe environment so you can play online fantasy sports whenever you want. Join India’s fastest-growing online fantasy cricket game today to get started playing and experience the actual excitement and action.

Fantasy Cricket: What Is It?


In the fantasy sports game of fantasy cricket, each participant can assemble a team of 11 players. Users begin the game by receiving points for the fantasy teams they have chosen based on how well those teams performed in the actual match. Runs, wickets, and catches are just a few of the criteria used to determine the points.

You must play in a match and choose an 11-player fantasy squad from among 1-6 batters, 1-6 bowlers, 1-4 wicketkeepers, and 1-6 all-rounders if you want to join a fantasy cricket league. You must also decide who will lead the team as Captain and Vice-Captain.

But what exactly is so fascinating about playing fantasy cricket online? Well, there are several causes for it to assemble your group: Fantasy sports give you the upper hand. You select your own 11-person cricket team, and you take pleasure in watching them triumph. So you can actually put an end to the irksome sensation of seeing a team play that you weren’t on.

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Online fantasy cricket games that are thrilling: Indian fantasy cricket never lets you get bored. It seems as though the cricket team is playing every game with you. You can never get weary of that kind of involvement.

Factor in favour: Playing fantasy video games might be among the most rewarding ways to pass the time. You get a sense of accomplishment in addition to an adrenaline rush when you play fantasy cricket and win money. Every day in the game of cricket, you can win cash rewards and gifts. You can always quickly check out fantasy cricket advice to sharpen your skills and excel at this game. So, start playing fantasy sports games right away.

Can I Play Fantasy Cricket Games for Practise on My11circle?


Practice games are simply relief for players with the simplicity and convenience that My11Circle offers for fantasy cricket and fantasy football players. Without a doubt, practise matches are going to be your best bet if you’re new to the fantasy cricket scene.

We understand that playing fantasy cricket or fantasy football might be a little challenging at times, which is exactly why playing practise games is so important. It aids players in challenges and helps them grasp the subtleties of fantasy sports, cricket, and football in all its grandeur without charging a registration fee.

It costs nothing to download the My11Cricle fantasy cricket app from the Google Play Store. Through our Play Store app, you may participate in a range of practice games.

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What Is the Indian T20 League Exactly? how Do I Register for It?


Every fan of fantasy cricket eagerly anticipates the Indian T20 competition. Numerous league matches and cricket tournaments are available on My11Circle. The T20 league holds a special place in the hearts of true cricket enthusiasts, who choose their fantasy teams with great emotion. They can select players at their convenience and in accordance with their preferences thanks to the fantasy cricket format offered by My11Circle. By applying skill, judgement, and techniques, this aids gamers in discovering their own collection of favourite players. Make your fantasy cricket team today by keeping an eye out for the T20 league!

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