My Son Ending Explained – Did Edmond Save Ethan?

Written and directed by Christian Cation, My Son is a mystery thriller movie distributed by Peacock. It stars James McAvoy and Claire Foy in the lead role while Gary Lewis and Tom Cullen provide supporting roles.

The movie centers on a separated father whose son gets kidnapped. He joins his ex-wife and a detective to search for his son who seems to have been abducted by a group of kidnappers. The movie is nothing out of ordinary but it does present some interesting turn of events. Let’s break down My Son ending explained and discuss how its conclusion transpired.

My Son Ending Explained
My Son Ending Explained

My Son Plot

One day, Edmon receives news of his son who has gone missing. He arrives at his ex-wife Joan to look for the missing son. Inspector Roy who was assigned for the task takes his search team to look for Ethan. After long days of search, they don’t find him, hence he concludes this to be a case of abduction.

Upon Edmond’s interrogation, Roy discovers that he works in the gulf country. He speculates that people involved with Edmond may have something to do with the kidnapping. However, Edmond dismisses the notion and leaves.

He then visits Joan at home and finds Frank, the new boyfriend of Joan. Surprised Edmond tries to talk with him but finds it awkward. He also suspects Frank of the kidnapping of Ethan and starts beating him. This lands Edmond in jail.

Father’s Regret

Roy tells Edmond that Frank has no involvement with the kidnapping of his son. Also Frank was helpful to Joan when she suffered a miscarriage. Roy reveals to Edmond that he has been discharged from the ongoing case, instead other high ups will take charge now.

Still suspicious of Frank, Edmond examines his phone. However, he finds nothing of evidence but videos of his son Ethan. He regrets not spending more time with him. After scrolling through, he spots a suspicious-looking vehicle in one of the videos.

Chase for Culprit

Edmond immediately went to Joan and showed her the footage of the vehicle. He suspected the person inside of it. Joan contacted her brother to locate the person owning the vehicle. The person was William and Edmond tracks down his address.

He visits him and starts beating him. After some torture, William spills the beans and reveals that he kidnapped Ethan for some other group.

My Son Ending Explained
My Son Ending Explained

My Son Ending Explained – Did Edmond Save Ethan?

After finding the location, Edmond goes to the hideout. There he comes across three kidnappers and his son who lies unconscious. He takes down one of the kidnappers named Steven. However, when another kidnapper pulls his gun, Edmond takes a step back and contacts Joan.

It doesn’t take long for Edmond to take down another kidnapper. Joan arrives and Edmond takes Ethan with him and they leave in the car. The car gets riddled with bullets by the kidnapper and Edmond gets shot. However, he still survives.

After Ethan wakes up, he reunites with his father. However, just after few moments, he gets taken away by the police for assaulting William and the other two kidnappers. Edmond saw a happy ending to his quest of finding his son. When he gets out of prison, he will surely give his son a visit.

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