My Hero Academia Season 7: Release Date and What to Expect?

my hero academia season 7 release date

The seventh season of the wildly popular anime series “My Hero Academia” is anxiously anticipated by fans. Due to its captivating plot, memorable characters, and intense action, the show has amassed a worldwide fan base. In this article, we discuss the release date for My Hero Academia Season 7 and what fans can expect from the forthcoming installment.

When Will Season 7 of My Hero Academia Premiere?

Season seven of My Hero Academia was verified in the closing credits of season six, but when will it be released? Let’s do some conjecture.

Season six covered seven tankbon volumes, totaling 70 chapters of the original manga by Khei Horikoshi, and if season seven covers a similar quantity of plot, it will cover chapters 329 to 399. The most recent My Hero Academia chapter to be published was #382.

This means that the My Hero Academia anime has caught up to the publication of the manga, and it is unknown whether the show will revert to its regular schedule.

Season five concluded in September 2021, and season six premiered in October 2022; thus, season five concluded in September 2021 and season six began in October 2022. Given this, our best estimate is that the seventh season of My Hero Academia will premiere in the spring of 2024.

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What Will Occur in My Hero Academia’s Seventh Season?

Fans of My Hero Academia are aware that the series is entering its conclusion. The sixth season established and delivered a series of plot sequences that resulted in the series’ main antagonist All For One breaking out of prison and assembling an army of evildoers, but what happens next?

Due to the ongoing, original manga, viewers whose curiosity is getting the better of them can find out what’s in store. We won’t give away the entire game, but there are significant spoilers below.

The seventh season of My Hero Academia will presumably pick up where the sixth season left off, with the introduction of the American hero ‘Star and Stripe’. If the story follows the manga, then we will witness her combat against All For One and the aftermath of her devastating defeat.

Season seven will likely also feature a plot involving a member of Class 1A betraying the heroes, as well as explosive combat between Dabi and Shoto to resolve the ongoing Todoroki family drama.

In season seven, a variety of new characters will be introduced, each with their own unique idiosyncrasies. Especially when you contemplate how they are created: Kohei Horikoshi draws inspiration from everyday occurrences he has observed.

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“When the series first began, Quirks were sometimes inspired by the need to advance the plot or ensure that characters fought,” Horikoshi explained.

“Since then, however, it has been more of a ‘light bulb’ or ‘Ah Ha’ moment, inspired by the objects around me.

“For instance, I came up with Gran Torino’s Quirk while taking a shower. Oh, that would be interesting… for something to come out of his feet, I thought as I inspected the shower head. Like, they have propellant emitted from them. Thus, his Quirk got its inspiration.”

Finally, the series will reach its conclusion: a significant conflict between the beloved heroes and the combined forces of All For One and Shigaraki.

According to ADR scriptwriter Jeramey Kraatz, there will be additional deviations from the manga in season five, but, as always, they will be primarily cultural.

“We read the manga to gain as much context for [the show] as feasible. “You must be a voice actor, a writer, and a problem solver because you encounter jokes in anime, such as when someone has misread ‘congee’ in someone’s name and everyone on screen is laughing,” he explained.

“It’s humorous if you speak Japanese. However, this is a five-second jest. To make an American audience chuckle at this joke, you must explain how congee is prepared.

“You do need to include a jest. It involves innovative problem-solving. You should not stray too far from the essence of the Japanese, and you must include a joke that makes sense.

This is the scripting for Tetris that will make the voice acting sound natural and make sense to an American audience unfamiliar with Japanese customs and culture.

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