My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown

My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It is a shonen manga series that revolves around the main protagonist Izuku Midoriya whose goal is to become the number one Hero in the world.

While he has high ambitions, Izuku lacks the quirk to become a hero. However, that hurdle is overcome when he comes across All Might who gives him his quirk as well as starts training him. This kickstarts the journey of Izuku Midoriya as he embarks to become the number one Hero in the world.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Breakdown – Battle of Brothers

At the beginning of the chapter, the narrator talks about an extremely powerful move that is derived from the fire. Flashfire Fist is the move capable of causing ultimate destruction. It is capable of concentrating all the flames into a single blow and this move is perfected by Endeavour.

However, when he learned that move, he also reached his limit. Shouto and Dabi continue the fight with Dabi stating that he has been harboring all the heat for a long time. He says that he will blow Shouto to the shimmers using those flames.

Teachings of Father

Shouto isn’t intimidated by Dabi’s provocations and says that he is ready to take the attacks of his brother. Dabi tells him that he’s not just going to become the successor to Endeavour but there are also some things he needs to tell him.

He says that he started without any strength and has reached here due to the combination of two things. The strength he possesses now is the byproduct of his physical strength and the things he learned from his father by watching him from afar.

Hurdles of Life

The other heroes try to back Shouto but once he goes on standby, Dabi takes the opportunity to attack him. Dabi tells him that he was born in a better environment with a better body. Contrary to him, Dabi was born in a vicious environment and had to work things around his way.

Shouto says that he was aimless at the beginning and there were a lot of things he learned along the way. Thanks to that, now he is not seen as Endeavour but as himself. Through rigorous training, he has now developed the technique which is specially made to stop Dabi.


Endeavor shouts and tells Shouto that he won’t be able to support him since he’s fighting All for One. Shouto tells him that it’s fine since it’s his role to fight Dabi, just like it’s Midoriya’s role to fight Shigaraki. He needs to put an end to something like everyone else and for him, it’s his brother.

Shouto says that it was his father indeed who pushed everyone away. However, Dabi decided to kill the people that he killed and involve the ones who didn’t deserve it. Shouto uses Flashfire Fist and lands a punch on Dabi’s face.

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