My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown

My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series that revolves around a young boy by the name of Izuku Midoriya. It is a story of an underdog who despite being held back rises to the occasion and achieves his dream through sheer hardwork.

Currently on its final saga, heroes are fighting off against in their final attempt to save Japan from a great depression. If they lost this fight, the hope for humanity will be lost. All heroes are geared up and ready to encounter gruesome villains. Let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 350 breakdown.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown – Touya’s Flashback

In the first panel, we see a Gorilla cop going inside their cell of Garaki. Garaki is talking to himself about looking for seeds that can nurture hatred and cause destruction to the world. The next panel shifts to Dabi as we see his exploits.

While Touya burns, he expresses his desire to not die. He still has a few things left to do and there are still some things he needs to show Endeavour before he drops dead. Just before everything looks to be over for Daki, AFO emerges from the flames.


Touya refuses to accept that he will no longer live with his original family. Touya had said a lot of horrible things to his family and he doesn’t want to accept this situation. However, the doctor tells him that it’s impossible since it took too much effort to change his body.

While the missing parts of his body are replaced with the parts of other people as the base, he has lost the full potential of his power. Hence, Dabi will no longer be able to use his flames as he used to. This causes Dabi to remember things Endeavour used to say about despair.

Flames of Hatred

Giran was a bit shocked when the doc decided to bring Dabinin to the team. Furthermore, when Dabi and Nomu met while being alone, it was none other than the doctor who saved his life.

The doctor gets happy upon the mention and asks Dabi how he survived, however, Dabi doesn’t want to answer this question. He says that the appearance of Nomu was enough to make him understand what wouldn’t happen to him.  The doctor reveals to him that the reason why Dabi was able to survive was because of his flames of Hatred.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Breakdown

Todoroki Brothers

According to the doctor, fire is the one thing that is capable of nurturing life. However, Dabi’s flames are a bit different. Their purpose is to just cause death and agony and they’re not suitable for AFO. Dabi melts on the top of the All Might statue as Garaki says that these are the “deadly, obsessive Flames that have escaped the reach of the King of Demons.”

With this, Dabi’s speech concludes, and couple of Todoroki prepare for the attack. Dabi proclaims that he is going to destroy everything that Endeavour holds dear to him. However, Todoroki believes that they can stop him as they won’t let him do as he pleases.

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