My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest ongoing manga series which is currently following its final saga. While Deku is yet to achieve his ultimate dream, the heroes are fighting an adverse calamity in the name of AFO and all his minions.

Things are getting tough for heroes as the wild card brought up by Shigaraki has crumbled their plans. In addition to that, the kidnapping of Deku has even put in more holes into their perfect plan. Will heroes be able to come out of this adversary or their forces would just face annihilation? Find out as we discuss My Hero Academia chapter 348 breakdown.

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown – Unrequited Love

Deku tries to distract Toga by telling her that lovers should go on a date, hold hands and eat crepes. They shouldn’t drink each other’s blood. To which Toga replies that for her, loving a person simply means becoming like them, hence she wants to drink his blood.

The nomu attacks once again and it results in the uplifting of the waves. Toga gets drenched in the water and says what do heroes want to do to her. Uraraka remembers that it is the same thing she said in the previous war.


Deku begins telling that he doesn’t have an answer to Toga’s questions. He initially thought he had to get strong like his mentor but now he understands what exactly Toga thinks. Deku says that he never wants to hurt people that he admires and Toga gets visibly upset due to this.

Toga smiles in a more controllable manner and remembers the scolding given to her by her parents. She also remembers Uraraka telling her how she will have to face the consequences of her actions. Toga says that everyone is the same and only heroes and people protected by them are considered good people.

No Time for Confession

Toga tries to hit Deku multiple times but he manages to evade her attacks. Uraraka interferes and tries to subdue Toga, however, Toga manages to fool her and scratch her a little. Tsuyu arrives and hits Toga thus saving her friend.

Deku captures Toga using a black whip but Tsuyu tells him that they don’t have time for any confessions. Now is the time to go as he is needed to defeat Shigaraki. As per the original plan, Uraraka and other heroes will handle Toga. Deku leaves immediately and prepares to face Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 348 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 – What to Expect

As Deku is returning to fight Shigaraki, we can expect My Hero Academia chapter 349 to have fight between the two of them. Right now, Shigaraki is facing Jeanist, Bakugo and few other heroes. As Deku has the ability to counter Shigaraki, he will prove to be a worthy asset for the team.

As for others, we are yet to see anything after the fight started. Lida and Todoroki were facing off against Dabi while Endeavour, Mt Lady and few other heroes were clashing with the leader of the pack AFO. Hopefully, we will learn about the status of their battle in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 348 – Where to Read

You can read My Hero Academia chapter 348 on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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