My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks and Spoilers
My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks and Spoilers

My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It is one of the flagship titles of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan. It features the protagonist Izuku Midoriya who becomes a central figure of hero society and fights bad apples of the world.

In the current saga, Heroes have United in the last effort to stop the advancement of AFO which could lead to world domination. It is their last chance to restore the faith that common people have lost regarding heroes and if they don’t succeed, Japan will see an endless period of darkness. Let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 347 leaks and spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks and Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks – The Evolution

Heroes ask Monoma if his quirk is working or not to which he replies that Aizawa’s quirk is still intact. Tomura goes on to explain that Aizawa’s quirk is indeed working, however, what he is attacking with is his growing body. The hands of his body grow just like normal nails.

He calls it the evolution created by the doctor which has made him an invincible beast. Mirko has her artificial limbs destroyed by Tomura but she recovers by having a new set. Jeanist tells Bakugo to take a step back as they assess the situation again.

Grave Circumstances

Mandalay reaches the location and informs everyone that she has found the location of Deku. Deku contacted her through telepathy and told her that he has been pulled by Toga on Okuto Island.

Just as Aizawa is about to ask Monoma to create another portal, a huge scream comes out and the connection gets lost. Aizawa thinks that Monoma can’t use two quirks simultaneously. If he shuts using one quirk to create a portal, Tomura will take that opportunity to use Decay and everything will be over.

Okuto Island

Aizawa once again contacts Deku and asks him to come to UA on his own since they can’t help him. Moreover, he tells him that if push comes to show, they will fight Tomura all by themselves without the use of OFA and defeat him.

There’s a cool panel of all six heroes assembled to face off Shigaraki. We switch to Okuto Island and Okuto Aquarium is the place where the battle is taking place. The Noumu is attacking people with the upper part of the body in the air and rest in the ocean colliding with waves.

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 Leaks and Spoilers

No Danger

The heroes are facing a hard time because of Moonfish, the same villain who was defeated by Tokoyami in the forest camp. However, the heroes are making sure that he doesn’t cause much harm. We go back to Uraraka and Deku where the former asks Deku what Aizawa said.

He tells her that Aizawa asked him to come back on his own. Before he could do anything, Toga asks him to stay. Deku is still perplexed as to why Danger isn’t detecting her attacks. He then realizes that Toga hurts people out of love and admiration, that’s why his quirk isn’t able to sense any dangerous intent from her.

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