My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown

Revolving around the protagonist Izuku Midoriya, My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. BNHA depicts the story of Deku and his rise to become the number one Hero of the world.

It’s the journey of Deku and his friends about their struggles and the things they went on to achieve in their careers. In the current arc which is deemed by many to be the last one, Izuku and his friends are fighting against the mightiest foe AFO and this will determine the fate of Japan. Let’s talk about My Hero Academia chapter 346 breakdown.

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown – Plenty of Resources

Shigaraki tries to recover from the shock but before he could do it, Best Jeanist intercepts and puts him down. He throws him down by encircling him within the wires. It doesn’t take long for Shigaraki to destroy the wires and understand the strategy the heroes are trying to employ.

He realizes that the mechanism is designed in such a way that it will repel his decay power. To provoke Jeanist, he tells him that he needs to destroy all the plates. However, new plates appear on the surface and Jeanist tells Shigaraki that he doesn’t need to worry since he has plenty of resources.

Collaborative Approach

Jeanist tells Shigaraki that they created this mechanism solely with the purpose of cornering and neutralizing him. We see a brief flashback of how the construction began and who were the people that contributed to its design. Hatsume and Momo played huge roles in this massive upgrade.

Jeanist tells Shigaraki that they learned all about his powers from the previous battle and his encounter with Stars and Stripes. This allowed them to design a mechanism that would make Shigaraki’s powers useless. It was only possible due to the efforts of Hatsume, Momo, Cemento, Powerloader, and Ectoplasm.

Failed Plan

Jeanist continues his speech by saying that no one cares about money or prestige and they only want to save the tomorrow. Bakugo and Mirko join the battle and when Shigaraki tries to use his quirk, it doesn’t work. Jeanist informs him that Monoma is using Aizawa’s quirk to block his quirk.

Everything is set in place but the unavailability of Deku has caused a halt in their plans. Despite having his quirk blocked, various hands start coming out of Shigaraki and no one has any idea how he is able to do that. Though his hands aren’t able to use decay, they attack Mirko and she gets hurt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 347 – What to Expect

In chapter 347 of My Hero Academia, we can expect to learn more about this new power of Shigaraki. Despite having his quirk blocked by Monoma, he is still able to somewhat utilize his powers. It will be interesting to know how he is able to achieve this.

There’s also a circumstance with Deku’s situation. He was the key element in this plan of destroying AFO. However, because of his disappearance, the heroes now don’t now what to do. The last time we saw him, Toga snatched him. Since then, we haven’t heard of him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 – Where to Read

You can read My Hero Academia chapter 346 on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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