My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown

My Hero Academia chapter 344 raw scans are out now and we have got to see the continuation of the interaction between the heroes and the forces of AFO. Much to his surprise, AFO was being successfully lured by the heroes. However, there was a preplanned strategy in achieving it.

My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series that revolves around the concept of heroes and their battle against the villains of society. Its protagonist, Izuku Midoriya is a primary character who has a dream of becoming the number one Hero in the world. Let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 344 Breakdown in this blog.

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown – Initial Steps

We see a flashback where All Might is discussing the plans to lure out AFO. He knows that it would be pointless to try to locate him since he’s an expert in hiding. AFO has been hiding all his life and if he got to know that heroes are searching for him, he would be more cautious.

That’s why All Might suggests a strategy to lure him into where they want. However, once again, a shrewd person like AFO wouldn’t fall for such kind of trap. Furthermore, he possesses a quirk Search which allows him to locate people within a certain distance.

Hence, if he sees surmount of heroes, he wouldn’t set afoot. However, that could change if only Deku is alone. After all, what he is after is OFA and for that, he would even risk exposing himself. All Might derives a plan to have Aoyama and Deku in the plan to lure out AFO.

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Breakdown

Monoma’s Win

Another integral part of the plan is how all heroes will appear at the same location to fight off AFO. Since AFO isn’t going to come alone, the heroes are going to need manpower. But again, if too many heroes concentrate at the same location, it would be an indicator to AFO.

Hence, this time, they decide to take the role of Monoma. Monoma tells them that with the kind of quirk he has, he has always been a supporting character in his life. However, Aizawa assures him that it’s his moment to shine. Furthermore, Vlad says that in this battle, everyone is equal.

Hence, the plan to lure out AFO and gather all heroes at one place comes to fruition. Aoyama is going to bring out AFO by revealing his plan and Monoma will open a portal once AFO appears. Through this portal, all heroes will arrive to fight AFO.

Battle Begins

AFO is slightly surprised by the whole situation since it was something he never thought about. But since he has his army with him, it doesn’t matter much to him. His goal is to obtain OFA, and once he does, the sky is the limit for him.

With both teams ready to deploy, Dabi takes the chance to strike forward towards Endeavour and asks him if he would like to see his colleagues die. He launches a huge flame of fire but it meets with the Ice block shot by Todoroki. He tells him that he won’t let his stupid brother do as he pleases.

All Might is seen in the control room giving the command to Troy. It starts building a metal construct that starts encircling all the villains. It takes a while but AFO finally understands what they’re trying to do. By using Monoma’s portal, they are trying to separate all the villains.

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