My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks
My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks

My Hero Academia is one of the flagship titles of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan and it is written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. BNHA focuses on the character of Izuku Midoriya as a primary protagonist and covers his journey to becoming the number one Hero.

Currently, on its final saga, BNHA is setting up for the final fight against every hero’s nemesis: AFO. They’ve set the plan in motion crafted by All Might and started its execution. AFO on the other hand has also started making moves for what we would call the final battle between the groups.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks – No Lies

We move to AFO where he is having a conversation about one of the quirks he has which allows him to detect lies. He stole it fr someone a long time ago. We also find out that one of his descendants is working alongside All Might. The descendant here could be Tsukauchi.

AFO then goes on to call someone and it turns out to be Aoyama’s mother. He delivers a message to her in the code’s word and here he is referred to as uncle of Aoyama. After the call ends, AFO says that there were no lies told in the conversation that he just had.

The Ultimate Quirk

We move to Deku where he is visiting Aoyama. He is surprised to see that Aoyama has gotten out of his cell. Aoyama explains that it’s because of the lawyer that his parents hired. Aoyama offers to tell Deku about AFO’s ultimate plan.

In a nutshell, AFO wants to let Japan go into the great depression state where it’s financially and socially broken. With its financial situation in the debacle, the other countries won’t help it and there would be internal strife and lack of resources. In such a situation, it would be the ultimate quirk of All For One which would provide all the necessities in the world and become its ultimate leader.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Leaks

Act of Deception

Deku tells Aoyama that it’s still too early to predict anything as they’re going to stop AFO’s plans. Just when they’re having this discussion, AFO appears behind Aoyama. Deku asks him why he betrayed their trust and Aoyama has his face down. However, when he turns around, he shoots laser towards AFO.

AFO barely dodges it. We learn that it was a plan derived by Deku and Aoyama and they were barely acting to bring out AFO. Both Aoyama and Deku complement each other for their performance with the former still shaking his legs.

The Portal Opens

AFO didn’t anticipate this as he thought Aoyama’s mother was still on his side. However, he doesn’t give any heed to it and tells Deku and Aoyama that their forces are weak and they can’t defeat him. Just then, some villains appear behind him using teleportation.

On the hero’s side, a portal opens up and several heroes including Monoma and Legion of Heroes appear to fight against these villains. Aoyama says that there’s still light and hope left in the nation and it will not disappear. They are going to defeat him and ensure that his plans fail.

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