My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Breakdown

My Hero Academia is one of the flagship titles of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan. It centers on Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy who later on acquires one of the most powerful quirks in the world and begins his journey to becoming the number one Hero.

My Hero Academia has been running for more than 6 years and now it’s nearing its end. With the final showdown between heroes and villains, the story is going to take its final turn and conclude on a decisive note. Hopefully, the heroes will emerge victoriously. Let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 343 breakdown in this blog.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Breakdown – Quirk That Detects Lies

AFO is seen talking over the phone with Aoyama’s mother where he pretends to act as Aoyama’s uncle. However, he’s actually trying to send a coded message via phone to plan the next action to be taken by them. Then we learn that AFO actually has an ability that allows him to detect lies.

AFO got hold of this quirk quite some time ago when he snatched it from a certain individual. Because of this, no one is able to deceive him as he can ensure that the person in front of him is telling the truth or not.

Deku pays a visit to Aoyama and acts surprised after seeing Aoyama not locked up in the cell. Aoyama explains that his parents got a lawyer for him, that’s why he’s able to remain outside the cell. Then Aoyama’s gives a proposition to Deku about explaining AFO’s plans.

AFO’s Plans

AFO plans to put Japan into a state of depression. When no hero is left to protect people, the rate of crime will increase which will lead to the economic and social breakdown of the country. In such a situation, even foreign countries will think twice about helping Japan.

Furthermore, there will be an internal divide between the countries which would overall create a deficit in the resources and basic utilities. With the lack of resources, the one who holds all the resources will be the leader of the world and that’s what AFO plans to become.

Just as Aoyama is explaining this, AFO appears behind him. Deku tells him that he betrayed them even though they trusted him. To which Aoyama replies that he has no other choice. However, when Aoyama turns back, he shoots a laser towards AFO, which surprises him.

Heroes Unite

AFO says that he didn’t get any hint of a lie while talking to Aoyama’s mother and is surprised by this predicament. However, he doesn’t pay any heed to it. The rest of the members of his group including Dabi and Toga also get teleported to the scene.

On the heroes side, a portal opens up and the heroes make an entrance and get ready to face off against AFO’s forces. Aoyama says that Japan will survive this attack and will rise again. The light still hasn’t diminished and they will surely put an end to AFO’s schemes.

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