My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Breakdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Brealdown
My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Brealdown

My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Japan. It revolves around the protagonist Izuku Midoriya who has the ambition to become the number one Hero in the world.

Right now, the story of BNHA is on its last saga. The series is nearing its end as the heroes are taking on the ultimate villain AFO. With their reputation lost with the general public, it is now their last chance to revive the true hero spirit and restore some faith to people. Let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 342 breakdowns and talk about its vital moments.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Breakown

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Breakdown –  Internal Uprising

We go to the UA and see a few people discussing something. They talk about AFO giving them an order to create some sort of uprising among people within UA to reb against heroes and get Deku out within 7 days. Shigaraki will be back after a week.

Meanwhile, inside, the heroes return after the patrol and are exhausted. Lida says that they have no time to the complaint. All Might arrives and tells them about the discussion of plan B and that very few people will be involved in it.

The First Move

The next sequence involves a montage of characters who are involved in their own activities. First, we see a group of Ragdoll, Hawks, Endeavour, and Jeans discussing the plan. The infiltrators hear from the principal that Shigaraki will return in just 4 days and it shocks them.

A few days have passed, and Deku is ready to move out. He bids goodbye to his classmates and says that it is important to execute the plan. The infiltrators, having learned about Deku moving out are happy since their goal is accomplished without them having to do anything.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Breakdown

Visit Troy

As Class A1 begins to move out, the students bid them farewell and we see panels of characters receiving the best wishes from the students. They go to a facility 30 km away from the school called Troy and get settled in its dormitories.

Uraraka is standing alone outside so Deku decides to join her. He thanks her for the speech she gave earlier and she gets embarrassed. Uraraka believes that she is weird, however, Deku disagrees and says that she has many unique qualities.

Preparation for Battle

Uraraka says that she remembered Toga’s sad expression while giving the speech. Even though she was a villain, she wanted to know Toga’s perspective and reason for doing evil. Deku also says that he saw a small kid crying inside Shigaraki and that’s something he doesn’t want to turn a blind eye to.

On the other hand, Bakugo, Lida, and Kirishima visit Todoroki, and Shouto thanks him for their concern. He says that he will stop his brother for sure. On the last page, we see Uraraka and Deku looking at the city with All For One finally commencing his plans.

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