My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers, Recap and Discussion

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers, Recap and Discussion
My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers, Recap and Discussion

The early leaks for My Hero Academia chapter 315 spoilers are already out and we have a lot to discuss. Lady Nagant at the last is down however not because of the efforts of Deku. She tried to test Deku’s heroism and he even delivered to her expectations.

But AFO had already set a bomb inside her which would explode if her loyalties were to change. Lady Nagant may have had a change of heart but we do not know whether she’s alive or not. Let’s take a look at My Hero Academia Chapter 315 spoilers and discuss what transpired in it.

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers, Recap and Discussion

Why did Overhaul Appear?

Incidentally, Overhaul and Lady Nagant had a deal. Overhaul would help her locate Deku and in return, she will let him see AFO. Fast forward and Overhaul appears over a rooftop, demanding Nagant to let him meet AFO. This didn’t escape Deku’s sight and just at that moment, Nagant tried testing Deku.

Why Did Overhaul Appear?

How Nagant Tested Deku?

Nagant aimed at Overhaul and decided to shoot him even though her aim was pretty off. She wanted to see how Deku lives up to the ideals of a hero society. Regardless of a person’s state if heroes see somebody die in their watch, it will weigh on their conscience. At least that’s what Nagant believes as per teaching by Hero Society.

If Deku has any second thoughts regarding saving Overhaul, it would reduce his speed and Nagant will take advantage of it. But to her surprise, Deku didn’t even think for a second and immediately stormed off to save Overhaul.

Fa Jin

We got to see some information on another previous OFA user’s quirk, Fa Jin. Deku used this quirk while fighting off against Nagant. By repeating regular motions, this quirk can store and release kinetic energy. Deku combined it with One For All and smashed Lady Nagant’s arm.

Deku has been switching between multiple quirks and it has reduced his processing of it. To keep the track of things, he has now limited the number of quirks he employs in a single encounter. Fa Jin seems to complement well with OFA 45%.

Did Lady Nagant Change?

Deku realized that Lady Nagant’s trajectory was pretty off. If she wanted, she would’ve blasted Deku’s back of the head. Maybe there’s still something left in her that is preventing her from embracing the dark side. It just makes you think that Deku can change people.

He is a true embodiment of how a hero should be. Despite the differences, he will always jump forward if anyone shouts for help. Lady Nagant realized it and had a change of heart.

Did Lady Nagant Change?

Is Lady Nagant Dead?

All For One planted a bomb within Nagant which would explode if her loyalty were to waver. After witnessing Deku’s heroic portrayal, she had a change of heart, however, it was short-lived. She immediately exploded with her entire body burnt to crisp. Hawks arrived at the aid but we don’t know what he can do to save her. We didn’t get any closure on her so maybe she’s still alive.

Lady Nagant is in a critical state and maybe Hawks can do something to save her. Do you think she will be able to live again? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

My Hero, Academia Chapter 316 release date is June 13th, 2021. Read the chapter on Viz Media by Shonen Jump or Mangaplus.

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