Mumbai Vs Kolkata Vs Delhi: Which city wins the battle of serving best street food? Find out

Street foods are a major part of Indian cuisine. According to you, which city offers the most delicious street foods- Mumbai, Kolkata or Delhi? Get your answer right below!

India is widely popular for serving many delicious and lip-smacking street foods which are available in different variations in different regions. For example, the popular Panipuri has a slightly different concept when prepared as Golgappa or Phuchka. Both Jhalmuri and Bhelpuri are made with puffed rice but with some changes in taste. 

Indian street foods play a major role in a foodie’s life. When you don’t want to invest much on food then you can have the option of skipping any expensive restaurant because you have those flavourful street foods to relieve your hunger pangs. In Mumbai you can have some Pav Bhaji, Sev Puri etc; Delhi offers you Chole Bhature, Kesar Pista Kulfi etc; and Kolkata presents some Phuchka, Chinese foods etc. It’s hard to decide which one wins the battle of serving the best street food. 

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What do you think? Mumbai Vs Kolkata Vs Delhi- which city offers the most delicious street foods. 

Street Foods of Mumbai

Enjoying a small snack in the evening on the road is quite popular among Mumbaikars. Mumbai is widely popular for its distinctive street foods. Some of the popular street foods of this city are panipuri, bhelpuri, dahipuri, pav bhajji, ragda pattice, Chinese bhel, omelette-pav, Misal pav, batata vada, Akuri on toast, Frankie and many more. 


Street Foods of Kolkata

The City of Joy is predominantly popular for its cuisine and street foods are also a major part of it. Some of the lip-smacking street foods of Kolkata are phuchka, kathi rolls, telebhaja, fish fry, Mughlai paratha, ghugni, kabiraji etc. Apart from them, the concept of Indian Chinese food was first originated in Territy Bazar, Kolkata where you can find many food stalls offering Chinese foods only.  


Street Foods of Delhi

Delhi is popular for its own version of panipuri known as Golgappe. Apart from golgappe, the Capital city of India amuses us with its wide range of mouth-watering street foods like chole bhature, poori aloo, rolls, bishan swaroop chaat, kesar pista kulfi, aloo chaat, ram laddoo, rabdi faluda, multani moth kachori, jalebi, nan khatai etc. 

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