Motorola will roll out Android 11 software update to first-generation foldable Razr devices

According to the latest news, Motorola is updating its first-generation foldable Razr with Android 11. It might seem like the update for the 2019 Razr is woefully late but in reality, according to a report from Android Police and Motorola’s updates page, the company started rolling Android 11 to 2020’s Razr 5G between April and July.

Note that Motorola’s update issues are not just limited to its foldable. Many of its recent phones come with the promise of two years of security updates and for some higher-end one major OS update.

Since Razr already got an upgrade to Android 10 in May of 2020, the new software update makes it two feature updates.

Technically, this is better than what Motorola promises. Moreover, it should be noted that Motorola promises two years of security updates for the cost of something between $160 and $400. The 2019 Razr was $1,500 at launch.

If you are owning a first-generation Razr device then you can read this full rundown of what Android 11 adds. Overall, it seems the update will bring chat app bubbles, granular privacy permissions, and a more feature-packed power menu.

Mary Woods
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