Mother of naval officer murdered in 2004 submarine fire termed Silver Cross mom

Mom of naval officer killed in 2004 submarine fire named Silver Cross mother

OTTAWA – Debbie Sullivan reluctantly remembers the time she watched her son Chris Saunders living greater than 16 years back.

The 32-year old naval lieutenant had pushed his young relatives from Halifax into his mother’s house near Saint John, N.B., to present Sullivan and her husband Stuart for their seven-week-old grandson, Luke.

“We had a beautiful evening together,” Sullivan recalls. “His earliest boy Ben, that was two at the moment, got stung by a hornet. There was plenty of crying and crying and ice cubes along with Daddy quieting him down.

“My final memory of Chris was pushing down the drive with his hands stuck outside the windowwaving at me” Sullivan pauses and takes a breath. “This was my final — that is the last time he saw him”

Saunders abandoned for Scotland fourteen days afterwards to help deliver among those Canadian navy’s four recently bought submarines across the Atlantic for its new residence. It was through that crossing October 2004 a fire broke out to HMCS Chicoutimi, murdering Saunders.

Sixteen decades later, Sullivan was appointed this year’s Silver Cross Mother from the Royal Canadian Legion. She’ll place a wreath at the National War Memorial on Remembrance Day behalf of moms who’ve lost kids in service to Canada.

Saunders began his military career at the Army reserves while at high school in Saint John before studying at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean at Quebec. Sullivan says that her son enjoyed the army gave him arrangement and obtained him out a good deal.

While he tended to gravitate to the more idiotic children in college, Saunders was extremely active and also a small daredevil. Sullivan recalls how he used some cash she delivered him in school to go undercover.

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Sullivan does not understand why her son chose to serve on submarines, however the night that he obtained the dolphin badge dedicated to each of submariners,”I informed him that I may need to have a trip outside to Halifax to peel him off the floor. He had been so excited”

Saunders motivated his mother to join the Army reserves himself 1990 if she was at her 40s. Sullivan nearly moved into Bosnia as a peacekeeper, also, until difficulties with her teeth retained her dwelling. Looking back, she does not regret missing .

“Once I watched the young fellows which came straight back and how it changed me I was grateful I did not move,” she states.

The four decades Sullivan spent from the Army reserves, in which she worked largely on recruiting and logistics, were just 1 chapter at a diverse life which has seen her push trucks, volunteer for a rape crisis counsellor and also function as a school custodian.

It was working in Harry Miller Middle School in Rothesay, N.B., on Oct. 6, 2004 she received the information no mom or parent wants to listen to. It had been 20 seconds prior to the local TV channel was supposed to broadcast a story on Saunders functioning in the Navy.

“I was preparing myself to return from work to the living room and see the news to observe that the special-interest narrative,” she states. “And that I got a telephone call from my husband telling me exactly what occurred.”

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Stuart had not wished to inform her phone, but their residence had been 40 minutes from the college and he knew she was going to see the news.

“I relive that telephone call for a week each year,” Sullivan says. “A week until Chris’s anniversary, I relive that call. And it is a tough go. Even 16 years after.”

Seawater had been able to enter HMCS Chicoutimi via an open hatch while the submarine had been crossing the Atlantic the preceding moment. It shorted out an electric panel, resulting in a significant fire and departing the submarine from the sea without electricity.

Saunders was among many submariners who endured gas and smoke inhalation. He was finally airlifted from the boat, but died shortly after. His departure was announced by prime minister Paul Martin in the House of Commons.


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Sullivan credits her husband along with helping her during the dark days and days which followed. She more recently begun getting along with a bunch of other moms in the region that have lost kids.

“We’re an remarkable support system for one another,” she states. “We’ve a fantastic time and all of us share exactly the identical thing. We could honestly speak about our children and nobody needs to be worried about saying the wrong thing. Since there’s not any wrong thing”

Over the summer months and years following the electric fire which killed Saunders on Oct. 6, 2004, a terrific number of queries were raised regarding the motives for the catastrophe and if it might have been prevented.

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Some concentrated on the activities of their captain and team, including the choice to depart a hatch open and also the delay in evacuating Saunders along with other wounded sailors.

A military board of inquiry afterwards removed them of any attribute.

Others concentrated to the Jean Chrétien government’s choice to purchase secondhand submarines from Britain instead of creating new ones, although others blamed the British for not fond for its vessels.

The episode has continued to float within the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine fleet, that has invested much time at repair dock than in sea within the consequent 16 years.

Sullivan says she’s remarks concerning Canada’s submarines however she keeps them to himself. What she’ll say is that she does not blame anybody for her child’s death, which she describes as a”very, very, very horrible accident.”

“Everyone did their job to the very best of the capability,” she states. “And they did a wonderful job. Regrettably, my son did not make it”

After Sullivan was in Halifax to get her silver cross by the Legion, she fulfilled a few of the Navy’s recent harvest of submariners. To her surprise, then they held that a private service to create her an honorary submariner, together with just one giving her dolphin badge.

Using COVID-19, Remembrance Day in Canada this season will be quite different. Sullivan is hoping Canadians will choose time around Nov. 11 to keep in mind the ones like her child who made the final sacrifice.

This report from The Canadian Press was initially released Nov. 1, 2020.

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