The Healing Power of Music: Morgan Evans Opens Up About Turning Pain into Art

Morgan Evans Talks Turning 'Awfulness' to Honesty with Music

Morgan Evans – Over for You, a five-part docuseries by Evans is currently available.

Morgan Evans opted to express himself via music during a difficult point in his life.

The singer-songwriter provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look into his CMC Rocks performance, where he premiered his song “Over for You” about his divorce from Kelsea Ballerini. The episode was part of Evans’ recently released five-part docuseries.

“A burden was lifted from my chest. In the first episode of the series, titled “The Return,” he stated, “I felt like I conveyed it in the most honest, true, and good way possible.”

The only song I’ve written since going through all the s—, he said, “Over for You,” so it seemed like channeling all this awfulness into something sincere.

Over for You Song Breakdown

The documentary series follows Evans, 37, as he makes his way around Australia only weeks after going through a divorce. The “Young Again” singer is seen in the video returning home and spending time with his family.

He thought back on the wonderful days in a relationship on one of those occasions back at home.

“Love is a strange thing, and you never want to turn the clock back. But, there are distinct life periods when you may embrace or at least recognize the good. Right now, I’m attempting to achieve that.”

Evans described his development while sitting on the beach in the last episode.

He seemed to be referring to the divorce when he added, “I feel very okay given everything.” “I still have a long way to go, but I’ve come a great way since three weeks ago. All you can do is take each day as it comes.”

Said he, “I’ve always made an effort to view things positively. More recently, I’ve come to understand the importance of feeling things, taking time to experience them, and not just skimming over them.”

Peter John, who directed Evans’ docuseries, announced its debut on Tuesday.

In October, he issued “Over for You.” A few months later, he talked about penning the introspective lyrics in an interview with Bobby Bones.

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Evans Felt Light After Expressing His Feelings Through Song

Evans remarked, “It felt nice to accomplish that. Just be straightforward and don’t attempt to hide anything.

He said, “Having been in that scenario, knowing that it helps other people in that situation, yeah, it’s really a significant issue,” adding that he thinks “vulnerability and personal writing is truly the thing that most generally resonates to people.”

The docuseries is a follow-up to Ballerini’s EP and short film Rolling Up the Welcoming Mat, in which she discussed the reasons behind their divorce.

A couple of days later, she made an appearance on an episode of Call Her Daddy and provided further information regarding the breakdown of their marriage, including her breaking point, sleeping on the sofa, and supposedly being forced to choose to give up half of the house.

Evans seemed to address it on social media the day before the complete episode was broadcast, saying it made him “sad” to hear someone he “spent so much of my life with” say “things that aren’t fact.”


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After nearly five years of marriage, Ballerini filed for divorce from Evans in August. Their separation was ultimately completed in November. The “Peter Pan” singer and Outer Banks celebrity Chase Stokes have since been linked.

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