Netflix’s Monster ending explained – Steve proven guilty?

Netflix's Monster ending explained - Steve proven guilty?
Netflix's Monster ending explained - Steve proven guilty?

Monster (2021) is a court drama film about a young man, Steve. Steve was a student at Stuyvesant Public High School, New York. His life was completely changed after he got accused of a robbery. Before that, he was living a happy life with his parents. He has inherited his father’s artistic skills. Also, fall in love with a fellow girl.

Everything was nice. Then, he met King, who is a criminal and his neighbor. He trapped him in this deadly robbery. But after he got accused, he got arrested for the robbery. He spent his time proving himself innocent in front of the jury. He builds confidence to speak the truth.

In a black-and-white setting, the film tries to depict the grey field of different layers of the law. So, did Steve play a role in the assassination? Let us see he is proven guilty or not?

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Netflix's Monster Ending, Explained
Monster movie ending explained

Monster ending – Is Steve Guilty?

Steve doesn’t want to involve in any robbery. But, still, due to Steve’s action, the bodega owner  Aguinaaldo Nesbitt died. The King stops him and forcefully sent him inside Bodega. He doesn’t want to go, but his fear of King asserts his refusal.

Later, when he came outside, he raises his hand towards the sun. But, police said it was a signal to King and Bobo.  But now, the police arrested him, and he had to prove his innocence in court.

Netflix's Monster Ending, Explained
Netflix’s Monster movie

How Does Steve Prove His Innocence in Court?

Now, he has to prove himself in court. However, he doesn’t do anything intentionally but still trapped in this robbery.

It doesn’t matter he is guilty or not; he has to prove that in front of the jury. At last, when Steve tells the jury about the King and Boho. Both of them and their lawyer stood silently. As they cannot do anything know. But the lawyer of Steve helped him and said it was nothing intentionally.

It was just Steve was at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why Steve receives a non-guilty verdict and Kings gets arrested.

At last, truth always wins. This film is a perfect example of that. No matter how much someone can trap you. But if you are right, you can always find a way to win. That is how Steven processes himself innocent. He becomes a confident and self-reliant man.

That’s how Netflix’s Monster (2021) ends — what are your thoughts on the film? Feel free to comment below.

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