Money Heist Season 6 – Is It Going To Release Or Is It An End?

Created by Alex Pina, Money Heist is Netflix’s one of the most popular global shows. Starting in 2017, this Spanish drama thriller has garnered lot of fame and attention from across the world during the course of its run. It has evidently become one of the best non-English TV shows to be ever produced.

Money Heist has enjoyed significant success in its 5 seasons. Though, the recent seasons haven’t been as prominent as it’s first editions, they’ve still managed to keep the consistent quality of the show intact. With the curtains finally unrolling upon the show, a big question hinges. Are we going to get another season? Well, that’s what we are here to discuss. Let’s talk about Money Heist season 6, release date and more.

Money Heist Season 6 - Is It Going To Release Or Is It An End?
Money Heist Season 6 – Is It Going To Release Or Is It An End?

Money Heist Plot

The show Money Heist is a story that revolves around the group of people who join together for a robbery in a note printing press. Their leader who goes by the name of Professor is a strategist for the plan. Meanwhile, the other members do the job of executing the task.

Each member goes by a code name which is typically after prominent city. The members include Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Berlin, Lisbon, Denver who are initial part of the team. However, some of them die and new faces join the team in the second heist.

After the successful robbery in the note printing press, the team’s second task includes heist in the bank of Spain. However, it is due to being Rio being held captive by the police and in that protest, they decide to heist the bank. They hold numerous people hostage at their gunpoint to deliver the message.

The robbery doesn’t go as planned and multiple people die in the process. The police too faces too many casualties and it turns into war. To save the members of his team, Professor exposes himself to the world for the very first time as we see Money Heist on the screen for one last time.

Money Heist Season 6 - Is It Going To Release Or Is It An End?
Money Heist Season 6 – Is It Going To Release Or Is It An End?

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date – Will It Come Out?

Well that’s a big question mark. There’s a very slim chance that we might get another season of Money Heist. The creator of the show has already said it’s a wrap up and there won’t be any following season. However, fans of the show demand more.

It may not be the first time that show will return to the screens on the popular demand. However, for Money Heist, that chance isn’t looking good. The show has ran for 5 seasons which is huge chunk of time.

Another factor is related to the plot of the show. Alex Pina has ended the show on a conclusive note and there isn’t any logical plotline left that can be accustomed in the next season. However, if we ever see Money Heist again, it may contain totally new set of characters. It is an interesting idea, but highly unlikely to occur.

Money Heist Season 6 Cast

The cast for season 6 may be completely revamped with the introduction of new faces. Maybe the plot will revolve around group of people who got inspired from the original cast and executing robberies. So in such events, we may see some new faces. But again, that’s a big if.

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