Money Hacks: Money Saving Hacks that Will Help You Save More

money hacks

Although savvy consumers are experts at using coupons and shopping on a budget, those aren’t the only ways to save money. You’re practically leaving free money on the table if you don’t use all the life hacks that are at your disposal.

You can reduce your budget by hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year with a little work and ingenuity. You can even find ways to make more money without working more if you take care of a few minor tasks on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off. To regain control over your financial destiny, follow these actions.

1. Eliminate Low-Interest Savings Accounts

money hacks

It’s likely that you are receiving a low-interest rate if you are still using your initial savings account. If you don’t open a high-interest savings account, you are effectively turning down free money. Why would you do that? There are accounts available with alluring incentives and APYs (annual percentage yields).

The SoFi Checking and Savings Account is one choice with a substantial bonus and a high APY. When you enroll in direct deposit, you can benefit from a 2.00% APY and a bonus of up to $300. You can also get your paycheck up to two days early and there are no account or overdraft penalties. Along with up to $50 in fee-free overdraft protection, the SoFi Checking and Savings Account also offer up to 15% off purchases made at nearby merchants using your SoFi debit card.

*SoFi customers who have direct deposits are eligible to receive interest on all account balances in their checking and savings accounts at a maximum annual percentage yield (APY) of 2.00%. (including Vaults). Members who do not have direct deposits will receive 1.00% APY on all Checking and Savings account balances (including Vaults). Interest rates can vary at any time since they are variable. The rate is 2.00% APY as of 08/15/2022. Visit for further details.

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2. Cash Back Scan Grocery Receipts

Using smartphone apps that give you cash back on grocery store purchases can help you save money on groceries. After shopping, all you need to do is scan your receipts. With just a few minutes of your time, you could easily make $5 or more each week.

3. Costco prescription drug purchases do not require membership

Prescription medications are reasonably priced at membership warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, and you do not need to be a member to purchase them. So, without having to pay $60 or more a year to join the club, benefit from Costco’s inexpensive costs on medications that are prescribed by a doctor.

4. Reduce Your Interest Rate by Transferring Your Balance

money hacks

You don’t have to endure your high-interest credit card debt any longer. Making a balance transfer to a card with a low-interest rate is a simple approach to reduce expenses and possibly save a lot of money.

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5. Extend the Life of Your Printer’s Ink

If your printer is out of black ink or toner, change the text color to dark blue – you’ll be able to print a couple more times before obtaining a refill. Arial and Courier New are two thinner typefaces to choose from over heavy, ink-wasting ones.

6. Purchase Gift Cards at A Discount

Looking for inexpensive or even free gift cards? Websites that exchange gift cards offer discounted gift cards for all of your favorite merchants at prices lower than the cards’ face value. Purchase a lot of them and use them in place of cash to make future transactions.

7. Bring Cash

money hacks

According to research, you’ll spend less money if you pay with cash instead of a credit card. Take this advice a step further by only carrying large, difficult-to-break bills, such as $50 or $100; this will prevent you from making impulsive purchases.

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8. Ignore the Car Rental Insurance

Many major credit cards and private motor insurance policies cover rentals, especially if they are used for personal rather than professional purposes. Although you should double-check the policies, there’s a strong possibility you can forego the pricey insurance the rental car business offers in order to save money on your rental.

9. Create Your Own Cleaner

By adding equal parts boiling water and white vinegar to a heat-resistant glass jar with leftover citrus peels, you may create a low-cost, all-purpose household cleaner. Before straining it into spray bottles, cover the mixture and leave it sit for a week.

10. Use a Clothesline to Save Money

money hacks

Dry your clothes on a traditional clothesline to transport yourself back in time. The Simple Dollar estimates that for every hour you spend hanging your laundry, you will save almost $10. In addition, you will spend less money on dryer sheets and your clothes will last longer. Wait until Labor Day if you need to buy a new dryer to receive the greatest prices.

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11. Select the Cheaper Swiffer

Have you run out of Swiffer WetJet? Instead of purchasing another Swiffer-branded container, remove the cap from the fluid canister and fill it with a less expensive, concentrated cleaner diluted with water. You can also save money by using dryer sheets for your sweeper instead of Swiffer sheets, whether they are brand-new or used.

12. Consider Other Payment Options for Major Events

Finding the money to pay for significant life events, such as a wedding, a move, or a memorable vacation, can be challenging. And it can be very tempting to just use one of your credit cards when it’s difficult to come up with the money.

Instead, think about getting a new credit card with a 0% introductory APR so you can pay off the balance gradually and save money.

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