Model Leaks Video Of Rapper Octavian Beating Her!!

(Graphic Video)

French-British rapper Octavian (AKA Octavian Oliver Godji) has been accused of verbal, mental, physical and psychological abuse with his own ex-girlfriend, MTO News has discovered. Along with also his girlfriend leaked a movie that seems to demonstrate the rapper brutally beating .

The rapper, best known for working on the tune Friday 13th from this new Gorillaz album, has proven to deny the promises.

All these allegations could not come at a worse time for Octavian, MTO News affirmed. His record is scheduled to be published globally tomorrow and it had been garnering a huge amount of allure.

His ex Emo Bbay, at a set of articles on Instagram and Twitter, stated she’d been in a connection together with the rapper for 3 decades. She maintained that he physically mistreated her April 2020 if she became pregnant with his kid. 

“After forcing me to find an abortion, he assaulted me for the very first moment, kicked me in my belly, burst my brow, assaulted me with a hammer and then threatened to kill me,” she wrote.

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She shared screenshots of messages involving the group after the alleged assault where Octavian explained his activities as”bad karma”. She stated that she was afterwards asked but refused to register a non-disclosure arrangement concerning the alleged incident in trade for #20,000.

And Emo Bbay has supplied evidence to backup her own claims. She published a movie that she asserts reveals Octavian beating her. She released pictures which she asserts shows her lumps.

This is the movie – TRIGGER WARNING (includes abuse):

And here are the pictures of Emo Baby, afterwards Octavian supposedly assaulted .

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