Isaac Hanson Posts An INSANE Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory!

We have discovered some wacky COVID-19 conspiracy theories within the last couple of months, but that just takes the cake. )

Isaac Hanson, of’90s pop senses Hanson, took to societal websites to discuss a religiously-charged article about the way he believes the coronavirus pandemic is simply a part of this government’s continuing war on Christmas.

Sigh. Yes, actually.

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The typo-laden notice on his own Instagram Stories read:

“At some time quite shortly Christians and Church’s [sic] (and therefore anybody of any religion ) will need to pick, is [sic] your religion is far much more important than your panic ”

Wait, what?

This only sounds all sorts of wack. Why can not believers have beliefs AND comply with safety and health measures put into place for the exact real sin?

Seemingly, it is as they’re superb against the notion of never having a major blowout bash on Christmas. Yes, regrettably Isaac is a part of this Kirk Cameron‘s Saving Christmas theological faculty of thought that equates Christianity with many commercial areas of the vacation — buying/receiving presents, casting parties, extravagant decorations.

It is essentially the reverse of the ethical you would expect — which what truly matters is family and love — and it’s become a driving element for all these”War on Christmas” conspiracy theorists.

The MMMBop singer lasted:

“We’re fast approaching Christmas and it also is going to be canceled (from our authorities ), like Easter was Thanksgiving has been indicated to be. I will not honor”

Boyplease: this is not about religion in any respect.

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We imply, Isaac can watch Christmas into his living space and do Jesus correct. That is all about him being inconvenienced with change his vacation programs for the larger good — that does not seem like something that the Big Man Upstairs would condone, if you request .

However it is apparent that Isaac has established his very own interpretation of that which his God desires, since he fully misquoted the screenplay to match his absurd ideology, composing:

“I fear God more that [sic] I dread death and much greater than I fear my own administration!!! (Prob. [sic] 9:10)”

For what it is worth, the real quote is:

“The fear of the Lord is the start of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

Certainly, the 39-year old is not understanding quite much anything especially what the”wicked” government is encouraging taxpayers to perform for the approaching holiday season.

While Thanksgiving hasn’t been formally canceled by officials,” Dr. Anthony Fauci urged people should just celebrate their family or family; nonetheless, other specialists have indicated quarantining for 2 weeks before fulfilling a bigger number of guests.

They aren’t attempting to attack anybody’s religion, but this is not a conspiracy against Christmas. Again, this would be to SAVE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS’ LIVES!

There hasn’t been any official word on Christmas guidelines only yet, but we are praying that people enjoy Isaac reevaluate their place and do not provide the present COVID-19 for their at-risk family members.

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN]

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