Mister Rogers’ Son Agrees Joe Biden’s Similar to the TV Icon, Claims It Is a Compliment

Mister Rogers' Son Agrees Joe Biden's Like the TV Icon, Says it's a Compliment


It Is a Gorgeous day to Become Joe Biden, since he Is being compared to Fred Rogers… even from the son of the Mythical children’s TV show host.

It is pretty ironic, however, the Democratic presidential nominee has grownup Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp to thank for this favorable bar, after she contrasted Biden’s Thursday city hall to seeing”Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Needless to say, she intended it as a terrible thing.

The planned jab was a leading neglect — such as misspelling Fred’s last name — since Twitter people instantly reminded her that Mister Rogers is honored and treasured by just about everyone.

his very own son, John Rogers, informs TMZ… comparing anybody to his dad is a significant compliment, not an insult, along with Biden’s worthy of this praise. He says that he particularly sees a similarity from the demeanor of both guys, telling us Biden looks tender like his dad… and speaks just like him also.

John claims that his father had a great deal of feelings and kindness for different individuals, along with his iconic series was so unique because he had been incredible with children, great to people who worked for him personally, and disperse a fantastic message throughout the planet.

John is not the sole Rogers relative to provide props to Joe either. Fred’s widow, Joanne, described herself as a”very large Biden enthusiast” a month and stated…”I believe most of us need someone like Biden who will give us small pats on the back”

Joe Biden FaceTimes together with the widow of Mr. Rogers through a brief campaign stop in Latrobe, Pa. pic.twitter.com/aK7BXJspaA

— Tyler Pager (@tylerpager) September 30, 2020 @tylerpager

The prior VP known as Joanne some time afterwards to thank her.

On the reverse side, she blasted President Trump to get always lying and named him a”dreadful man.”

We are imagining neither John nor Joanne should wait till Nov. 3 to cast their ballots. Only a hunch.

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