Missing live audio? Have a Flaming Lips gig cocooned on your plastic bubble

The Flaming Lips have shared elements about”the world’s very first real Space Bubble live concert”, allowing fans to watch the band play live throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Ticketholders are going to have the ability to see the group’s gig in the Criterion at Oklahoma City on December 11 in the obvious comfort and security of their bubbles. Only 100 slots are accessible — down in the place’s normal 3,500 capability — and tickets go on sale here (November 13) in 10am CT/4pm GMT.

The Flaming Lips play on’Fallon’. CREDIT: YouTube/The Tonight Show

The information is not a new novelty; frontman Wayne Coyne has crawled in a giant zorb-like chunk in addition to viewers members’ hands throughout concerts for many years. But from the context of this COVID-19 catastrophe, the Lips’ famous method of becoming closer to lovers appears to be practical in addition to experiential blessing for their live shows.

Last month, the group played two tunes — double apiece — by their most recent record’American Head’ for lovers in distance bubbles as a piece of a movie shoot for the only’Assassins of Youth’. The Lips’ series next month, however, is to become a concert with a complete setlist.

Coyne explained in a post on Instagram shared now (November 12) that around 3 people are able to have a bubble place. “Okay… so. . Tickets go on sale elsewhere. . For the purchase of a single space bubble place you’ll have ONE: HuMAN or TWO:HuMANS or ( around ) THREE HuMANS. . so. . You and one buddy or You and two buddies. . or . . May jus be you. . I’ll be submitting ANSWERS to all of your queries soooooon…,” he wrote.

Inspired from the promotional stuff for its series, the group will perform in their very own space bubbles also.

In related news, the group added a London show for their rescheduled 2021 UK and Ireland tour.

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