Miley Cyrus Made Eye Contact With The Alien!? Discover Her Wild UFO Story!

The facts are out there… and Miley Cyrus might have been the only one to find it!

If some one of the pop princesses was about to make contact with extraterrestrials,” Miley… well, yeah, she likely would have been first suspect. However, we did not expect her to disclose an authentic alien experience inside her dialogue with designer Rick Owens for Interview magazine!

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The dialogue based around Owens’ experimental alliance with Moncler, that found him travel across the desert at a personalized tour bus. ) After the artist said he had ceased in Region 51, Miley asked if he felt in”aliens” Owens responded:

“I do not actually, but it sounds somewhat arrogant to presume there is nothing we.”

If he turned down the question into this Disney alum, she had a very different story. An individual encounter! She shared:

“I had an adventure, really. I had been driving through San Bernardino together with my buddy, and I have chased down with some kind of UFO. I am pretty certain about what I watched, but I had also purchased marijuana wax out of a man in a van before a taco store, therefore it might have become the bud wax”

LOLz! Likely a significant disclaimer!

But this was not the close of the narrative. She lasted:

“However, the very best way to explain it’s a flying snowplow. It was this big dip at front of it was shining yellow. I’d see it flyingand my buddy saw it, also. There were a few different cars on the street and in addition they ceased to appear, so that I believe what I found was real.”

The singer included:

“that I had been shaken for, for example, five times. It disturbs **ked up me. … I could not actually examine the skies the same. I thought that they might return.”

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Asked by Owens when she felt”threatened,” that the 27-year old reacted:

“I did not feel threatened in any way, really, but I didn’t notice a being seated at front of this flying thing. It looked at me and I made eye contact, and I believe that is exactly what actually amazes me, looking in the eyes of some thing which I couldn’t really wrap my mind around. But you are so right to mention it’s a kind of narcissism to believe that we are the only things which may be in this huge world”

Uhh… WTF? )

Miley is not the sole member of this Cyrus household to correct a UFO sighting, however to be”chased down” and make contact with an alien!? Do not get us wrong, we wish to think as far as another person, however, that is pretty tough to swallow!

What do U believe, Perezcious subscribers? Can Miley contact extraterrestrials? Or was just seeing things from the Midnight Sky because of a drug usage? Tell us your ideas in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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