Miles Morales’ contains a cute kitty sidekick

Miles Morales’ includes an adorable cat sidekick

Sony has shown that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales may comprise a cute feline sidekick.

players may unlock the spider Spider-Cat lawsuit — along with its corresponding kitty sidekick — upon finishing particular a side quest in the sport. The lawsuit and its own feline companion was shown only by Game Informer via a brand new gameplay movie.

To unlock the Spider-Cat lawsuit, Morales will need to rescue a kitty — also called Spider-Man — and then return to his owner. Upon finishing the assignment, the Spider-Cat lawsuit is going to be unlocked. It sports Morales wearing a baggy red pullover above his customary Spider-Man match, along with a gray back pack which conveys his new feline sidekick. The kitty dons a Spider-Man mask and also helps Morales outside from conflict, clawing in the enemy’s surface.

Check the Spider-Cat lawsuit in actions below.


The Spider-Cat lawsuit reveal comes only a day after Game Informer published fresh gameplay footage of the game’s first boss fight, that is Rhino. Peter Parker can also be within the start of the clip, however it’s now unclear if he’ll assist Morales in his struggle.

Game Informer has also disclosed additional gameplay informaion about Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, such as specifics of Morales’ invisibility ability. It was also affirmed that the match Peter Parker is going to be made after the character newest face version, Ben Jordan.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is scheduled to be published on November 12 on PS4. It is going to also start on November 12 on PS5 in select areas, prior to a worldwide launch on November 19. Pre-orders are accessible here.

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