Mike Tyson Suggests This Boosie Badazz May Be SECRETLY DOWNLOW GAY

Mike Tyson Suggests That Boosie Badazz May Be SECRETLY DOWNLOW GAY

Boosie Badazz recently sat down with former boxing champ Mike Tyson to an episode of his own tradition, Hotboxin’ Together with Mike Tyson, at which he pushed on the rapper over the comments he made weeks back around Zaya Wade.

“Why would you say things about individuals who could be a gay? Why is it that you say about these? Do you believe there is a chance that you are a gay and by disrespecting it furthers yourself out of being a homosexual? I am presuming you will like homosexuals,” Tyson requested Boosie.

“No, I am straight as an arrow,” Boosie replied.

“In case you are right then why is it that you violate people?” Tyson continued.

“I actually commented about the Dwyane Wade scenario because I have offended because it is a kid. That is why I got offended, so you understand. When this had been a motherf*cking 19-year old, 18-year old, increased individual, I likely would not have, I understand I would not have said something,” he clarified.

“I felt like that is a kid. A kid in 12 can not make that choice,” he continued. “That is how I feel, and also specific things I speak about, I felt like this was going too much. You calling him ‘her,’ that is going too much. Now at 12 years old”

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“I concur with you 100 percentage, me personally, I concur with you but check out this. Who’s f*ck am I to say anything else? What I believe do not signify a motherf*cking matter,” Tyson shared.

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